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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Battleground Historical Warfare: Second Punic War Expansion

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Two centuries before the birth of Christ, the greatest general of his day led a small army over the Alps and nearly broke the power of Rome. Now you can recreate Hannibal's triumphs at Cannae and Trasimene, or reenact his defeat by Scipio Africanus at the battle of Zama.

Punic Wars Scenario Booklet


Equites (3) Italian Cavalry (3) Veteran Equites (3) Velites (3) Extraordinarii (3) Italian Spearmen (5) Italian Swordsmen (4) Cretan Archers (2) Hastati (5) Veteran Hastati (5) Principes (6) Veteran Principes (5) Triarii (3)


Libyan Foot (5) Numidian Cavalry (3) Balearic Slingers (4) Gallic Warriors (5) Spanish Cavalry (4) Gallic Cavalry (4) Scutarii (5) Caetrati (4) Elephants (3) Moorish Archers (3) Carthaginian Spearmen (7) Hannibal's Elite (3)

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