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Pathfinder Chronicles: Dark Markets—A Guide to Katapesh (OGL)

****½ (based on 7 ratings)
Pathfinder Chronicles: Dark Markets—A Guide to Katapesh (OGL)
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The bustling bazaars of Absalom offer countless delights, but even they do not sell everything. Only in the peerless markets of mysterious Katapesh can one find anything for sale, from the lost diamonds of a fallen empire to a clutch of slaves freshly captured off the Inner Sea coast. This exotic desert locale serves as the backdrop of the Pathfinder Adventure Path Legacy of Fire, and this informative, lushly illustrated full-color 64-page guide presents everything players and Game Masters need to know to bring the dark markets of Katapesh to terrible life.

By Stephen S. Greer and Amber E. Scott

ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-166-4

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting Subscription.

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Product Reviews (7)
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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 7 ratings)

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Fun and Interesting Read


I picked this book up to give myself a little more background for a Legacy of Fire campaign I'm playing in. All of the locals were interesting to me, and almost all the places listed had adventure hooks built in. At this point I almost want to come up with a homebrew that chains together some of the ideas listed. If you need a foundation or inspiration for desert locals or a "laze-faire" city for a campaign, I'd definitely recommend this book.

Portuguese - BR

****( )

Este livro consegue escapar um pouco de ser um livro de nicho especifico por trazer excelentes exemplos e idéias para construir uma fabulosa cidade mercante com um toque de mil e uma noites. Mas mesmo assim é um livro interessante e ajuda bastante na aplicação de Legacy of Fire, mas não é obrigatório. Senti falta de mais detalhes sobre as guildas de ladrões que são tão fascinantes nesse tipo de cenário. O grande foco em narcóticos no entanto (mesmo tratando-os de maneira adulta), torna o livro tabu para aqueles que não querem esse toque de realidade em seus mundos fantásticos.



A fantastic read for one of the most interesting locations. Filled with tons of great plot hooks and a very detailed description of the city itself.

1,001 Amazing Adventures!


I have referenced this chronicle so much it's falling apart. Chock full of inspiration and adventure ideas. I am currently running two campaigns based largely on material provided in this little book: pesh magic, 22 pages on the many markets and wonders of the capitol city, and 24 about the mysterious ruins and desert hazards that compose the rest of the nation, and watch out for the dhabbas and sand eels.

An excellent resource for countless campaigns


I admit, I probably would never have picked this book up otherwise, but it came bundled with my Legacy of Fire Black Friday deal. I honestly wasn't familiar with the region and the little I did know didn't grab me like some of the other regions in Golarion (Numeria, Iobaria, Kaer Maga being the ones I gravitate towards). However, after quickly flipping through this book, I saw enough to hook me and get me to read more. I have to say, like "City of Strangers", this book has enough information in it to give you ideas for countless adventures and campaigns. The region and city of Katapesh are so richly described that you want to play there. It's perfect for the classic loot the tombs/ruins dungeon crawl campaign or an entirely urban one. I loved the inventiveness of the adventure hooks seeded througout the descriptions, my favorite being

the one about the sentient magic carpet hiding in the bazaar.

The book ends with some additional longer adventure hooks as well as a new prestige class, rules for Pesh magic, and some monsters. Some of the monsters, like the Aluum and Ghuul, off the top of my head, have already been updated. The prestige class is interesting and looks like it would work pretty well without needing any real tweaking.

So even though this is an older OGL book, it is definitely worth picking up. The authors did an excellent job of exciting me about a region that I previously was apathetic towards. I really want to use this setting now when I eventually run Frog God Games's "Death in a Painted Canyon."

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