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Campaign Cartographer 3: City Designer 3 (Windows)

***** (based on 1 rating)

Download available : $39.95

DVD-ROM Discontinued

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City Designer 3 is the add-on to CC3 for drawing settlements of any size. It contains more than 2,000 Smart Symbols plus powerful, completely new tools and dialog boxes such as House Builder, Street Builder, Street Indexer, and automatic Floorplan Creator. The function lets you create a labelled, hyperlinked index for your city with just a few mouse-clicks.

City Designer 3's symbols, House Builder and Street Builder give you a wide choice of bitmap and vector styles including Present-day, Modern, Future, Cyberpunk, Skyscrapers, Gothic, Thatched, Wooden, Classical, Middle East, Hovels, Halfling and Elven. You can also create your own styles.

    In addition to the functionality of CD Pro, CD3 will give you several new features:
  • Amazing automatic roof shading and shadows from any direction
  • A huge library of new art from Sean Thomas and Ed Bourelle
  • Improved house style creation to match the new art and roof shading, with lots of extra options
  • Automatically create and link floorplans from your houses

From the smallest village to the greatest metropolis, the City Designer 3 add-on for CC3 is the only RPG tool that lets you create beautiful, incredibly detailed city maps with ease and speed.

City Designer 3 gives you astonishing control over every aspect of city creation. You can specify everything from global light direction for different zones and districts, right down to the style and shape of each house (even the chimneys). Every detail you could want is easy to find, simple to use—and looks great.

Let City Designer 3 do the hard work for you. Street Builder creates an entire street of different buildings with just two clicks. House Builder creates custom buildings matching the pre-drawn symbol styles (and you can add your own styles). The street-indexer creates hypertext linking to each location.

You also get more than 2,000 new Smart Symbols for more than a dozen popular styles including Fantasy, SF, Present-day, Gothic, Orcish, Elvish and Classical. Just move a Smart Symbol over a road and it rotates precisely into position.

CC 3 gives you the world. City Designer 3 lets you go to town with it.

    System requirements:
  • A licensed, working copy of Campaign Cartographer 3
  • 1.5 GB free hard disk space
  • DVD drive (for boxed version)
    Package contents:
  • City Designer 3 DVD
  • City Designer 3 Essentials Guide
  • Entitlement to download free update packs from the web
  • 90 days web-based technical support

Product Availability


DVD-ROM: Discontinued

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Best Available


I've been using PF for a while now and it's the best I've seen. Simple.

Yes, it takes a little time to learn but so does learning anything - it's not instant gratification but the end result is fab. I really enjoyed learning how to use CC3 and it made teh other add-ons feel familiar.

Given the time, you will be able to create city maps as good as most magazine published images. Gift Certificates
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