Battlebox: Heroic (4E)

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The original BattleBox Core Fantasy Set was one of Fiery Dragon's best selling products ever—now they are bringing a bigger and better version to enhance your 4th Edition play! This big box is jam-packed with components to assist gm's and player's.


  • Hundreds of diecut PC counters [including a ‘bloodied’ side!], dungeon dressings and cirular action tokens
  • Transparent spell effect sheets [acetate overlays]
  • 20 plastic bases [10 white, 10 black] for use with the condition counters [dazed, deafened and 11 other conditions]
  • Pad of 4th edition character sheets.
  • Pad of power tracking sheets.
  • Dry-erase DM combat tracking sheet.
  • Dry-erase Player combat tracking sheet.
  • 52 condition markers used with the INCLUDED 20 plastic bases [10 white and 10 black]. Mark combatants on the battlefield as deafened, prone, blind, dazed—13 different conditions, 4 markers each
  • 17”x22” dry-erase battlemat

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