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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Paper Minis—Monster Set 1: Gnolls PDF

****½ (based on 7 ratings)

Our Price: $3.99

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Eight easy-to-build paper minis include a variety of gnolls and a hyena!

Make sure you grab the Pathfinder Paper Minis Instructions here!

Artwork by Ashton Sperry

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Our Price: $3.99

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Product Reviews (7)
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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 7 ratings)

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Only 7 differnt Gnolls!!!!

**( )( )( )

While the artwork on these minis is great I have 1 complaint, it only comes with 8 different Gnolls !!!! Not even 8 because 1 of them is just a hyena. For $3.99 I would at least expect 10 different images if not more. For 1 dollar more I bought the sandy point miniature pack that came with 70 different minis. I honestly wish I could have returned this product. There are a lot of great tools on this web site for a better price. I will give 2 stars for the art work but that is the only thing that was satisfactory about this product.



If you are running the Legacy of Fire, buy this and print them off - they will save you a fortune, look great on the table, and are easy to construct! A great buy!

They are great if you need a ton of gnolls and are on a budget! Print away friends!

Good but a pain to print

***( )( )

I like the idea of these minis, but when I went to Kinko's to print it, they at first refused because of the copyright stuff on the bottom. I then dug out the question in the faq that says you are allowed to print ONE copy of a Paizo pdf. So at this point, I have to either buy a printer or go to a variety of Kinko's to get multiple copies made. Or maybe Paizo really does only want me to print one sheet of the minis. It seems like it would be easy to put "permission granted to copy for personal use" on the bottom of the sheets along with the copyright information. Either way, I like the idea, but won't be buying any more because of that issue.

Gnolls! Gnolls! Gnolls! (Say it 3 times and they sound even funnier).


Another great Ashton Set. (And you need gnolls for the LOF AP, I've read the first 4 books and they show up in every one so far...)

A good mix of gnolls, both melee and ranged attackers. And they are the right size...BIG. These things will tower over your heroes, as gnolls should.

And of course, the price. For less than $4, you get a nice hoard. then print them out to your heart's contenet and make your players weep. (I print them on two different setting: Letter and Executive, to get slightly larger and smaller versions of the same models so that you get even more variety).

Another great addition to the LOF paper minis sets.

Great Value


Excellent set which includes a good selection of gnolls with different poses and weaponry. An extra hyena and a flind add variety.

The figures are crisp, with a distinctive "cartoony yet scary" look. Assembly is super easy, and both the novice and the veteran of papercrafting will have a great time.

Recommended on its own, or to complement the minis for the "Legacy of Fire" AP.

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