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Fantasyscape: Labyrinth of the Scorpion Cult PDF

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All good adventures eventually have a need for a dungeon or a template to face off against hordes of evil. And now you can send your adventurers into the same kinds of dangers! With this all-new Fantasyscape gaming tile set, Labyrinth of the Scorpion Cult, you can send your players on all kinds of new and exciting adventures. Fantasyscape gaming tiles are easy to use, and add ease, detail and excitement to your local home campaigns. Fantasyscape gaming tiles contain everything you need to print out and construct highly detailed encounter areas large or small. Fantasyscape gaming tiles contain 6x6-inch square tiles, for exchangeable, ready-to-use and flexible use for fans of fantasy tile sets that can be used over and over.

Labyrinth of the Scorpion Cult contains over 20 unique and interesting tiles for those looking to add several classic dungeon elements like pits, statues and pools to their gaming sessions and e-tiles sets. In addition to the tiles set, each Fantasyscape product comes with miniatures counters that enhance gameplay. Fantasyscape: Labyrinth of the Scorpion Cult was built to work best with Lair of the Scorpion Cult and Temple of the Scorpion Cult.

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