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Dungeon Crawl Classics #59: Mists of Madness (4E)

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An Adventure for Character Level 1

The two-dollar module is back! This 4E-compatible module sends the heroes to an ancient cave occupied by cultists dedicated to the Mists of Madness. Defended by ancient death traps and weird arcane seals, the caves conceal an antediluvian vault, the resting place of an archlich whose reign predates recorded history in the Known Realms. Undisturbed for untold eons, now the machinations of the cultists and their eladrin master threaten to awaken the archlich, to dire ends that none can predict.

Rules Set: 4E
Author: Harley Stroh
Cover Art: Eric Lofgren
32 pages

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***( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Ok to try 4e with, but that's it

***( )( )

Looking through the adventure, there are notable editing mistakes. Some areas are mis-referenced, important squares for traps aren't marked, and the 2nd map for whatever reason is inverted with north facing down.

The combats themselves range from average to downright deadly. I highly recommend an optimized party with all the roles covered, and they should be 2nd level before the final fight (It looked easy from a read-through, but if the players don't quickly adapt, it turns bad real fast).

The layout of the map doesn't make it very easy for players to avoid one particular hazard that will leave them severely under-equipped for the final fight. My own mistakes running the scenario allowed them to avoid this fate, but the final battle still resulted in a TPK (they were only 1st level).

In short, if you want to try out 4e, there is little regret in the price if you're willing to sort out the adventure's errors and other confusions, change the map and situations a bit, and are willing to tolerate some potentially badly balanced encounters (or at least, the scaling suggestions were off) for the sake of getting used to the system. Gift Certificates
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