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Gus and Duncan's Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles Hardcover

****½ (based on 16 ratings)

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The largest and most complete guide on Star Wars memorabilia ever assembled, covering more than 75,000 unique Star Wars collectibles illustrated with over 36,000 photos.

After half a decade of research, Gus Lopez and Duncan Jenkins have created the largest Star Wars price guide ever assembled. This guide will serve the beginner and seasoned collector alike with 56 extensive chapters that span every category of collectible. Every Star Wars item from 1977 to present is covered with information about the licensee, country, film, and current secondary market price. This is a truly international guide with approximately 100 different countries represented. Items are indexed by category and licensee, and this guide is the first Star Wars collectibles book to offer a complete licensee index with page references. Each chapter gives an in-depth background on every category of collectible and specifics such as grading, storage, preservation, holy grails, humorous items, and where to locate them. Gus and Duncan's Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectibles is an essential volume on every Star Wars collector's bookshelf.

984-page hardcover with ribbon bookmark, featuring full-color photographs throughout

By Duncan Jenkins and Gus Lopez

Duncan Jenkins started collecting Star Wars in the summer of 1977 and created his first database of Star Wars items at the same time. As one of the last remaining completists, he has amassed one of the largest private collections of Star Wars memorabilia in the world. Duncan has shared his extensive knowledge of collecting in presentations at all four US Celebrations, Celebration Europe, Celebration Japan, and at various conventions throughout the world. He is an editor for The Star Wars Collector's Archive ( and contributor to numerous magazine articles, books, and TV/Radio programs.

Gus Lopez is a longtime Star Wars collector whose primary collecting interests include Star Wars cast and crew items, movie props, unproduced toys, cereal boxes, and awards. Gus has written many articles on Star Wars collecting for various publications over the years including Star Wars Insider, Lee's Toy Review, Toy Shop, Star Wars Galaxy Collector, and the Star Wars Celebration programs. Gus created The Star Wars Collector's Archive ( in 1994—the first Star Wars collecting website on the Internet. He has given talks on Star Wars collecting at many toy, sci fi, and Star Wars conventions in Europe, Asia, and North America. Gus ran the Star Wars collecting tracks for the four Star Wars Celebration events in the US, Celebration Europe in the UK, and Celebration Japan.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9820826-0-7

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 16 ratings)

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A *MUST HAVE* for all types of collectors


I finally bought this book, and I am glad I did!! It is just amazing! The amount of material covered in this guide is simply unreal. It will easily be THE reference guide for the hobby for many many many years to come.

Kudos to the authors for taking the time and energy to amass all this content, organize it, and provide this to the collecting community in one book!

Just after a few seconds of browsing the book, my collecting juices flowing strong again!

I highly suggest this book to all types of SW collectors.

Exhaustive and... exasperating

***( )( )

Ok let me start by giving the authors the credit they deserve. The book content is massive and despite my best attempts to "stump" the book I was unable to do so. Even the most insignificant and forgettable pieces of my collection are listed somewhere in the book. Absolutely Amazing.

However, when looking at the price estimations for the items I couldn't believe what I saw. Most items are generically estimated with a broad range from 100-200% and no matter what, for example, action figure you have from the potf era and beyond its est is 5-10. Ok a generalization but similar to the one repeated throughout the book. I wish they would have left est pricing out completely, because to be used as the "go to" reference as I'd hoped it would be is exasperating to collectors looking to sale even extremely rare pieces. But if you're buying I'm sure you'll quote the numbers. THESE NUMBERS ARE JUST WAY OFF THE MARK! Better to not be listed at all. So if I may make a suggestion for the follow up... Price right or better yet not at all. Also checklists for the various popular sections would be a nice add in. But for sheer scope of product available I'll agree there is nothing like it.
Kudos Guys

Strong with The Force!


Bravely undaunted by the sheer volume of the subject material, Gus & Duncan have meticulously researched the area of Star Wars memorabilia and compiled the most complete resource that has ever existed on the topic - or likely ever will!

This book is very obviously a labor-of-love by two passionate collectors who have given so very much to the collecting community over the years and I congratulate them on their monumental achievement and thank them for their tireless hard work and unswerving dedication & loyalty to the hobby.


Even more than a "Comprehensive Guide"


I received my copy of this book near the end of a very long day; so I planned on just reading the introduction before going to sleep. Well, an hour and a half later I was still reading, looking for my favorite collectibles and finding several items I had not heard of or never seen before - I was hooked, and had I only made to the "C" categories. If you are a long time collector, this book will give you a single place to review all your beloved Star Wars items, perhaps answer some mysteries, and fill in some gaps. And for newer collectors this will introduce you to thousands of Star Wars items you never knew existed from around the world.
The guide has complete lists of everything you can imagine and some you may have never thought of like Banks, Bath items, and Bookmarks (and that was just from thumbing through the B's). Check out the pages of the index and you will see the plethora of categories, and for each of those categories there are collectibles listed from all over the world adding thousands of items that will likely be new to most any collector. Gus and Duncan have also devised a straight-forward system of unique Id's that can easily be used as the standard for identifying and organizing all Star Wars collectibles. So in addition to this is by far the most complete listing of Star Wars collectibles (and likely the most complete guide of any multi-category franchise's collectibles), each item also has a unique ID that could easily be adopted to specify Star Wars collectibles, making this book truly be a well-named "Comprehensive Guide".
It is no surprise to realize that these are two of the guys who have organized those excellent Collector Panels at the Star Wars Celebrations. They are true SW Super Collectors and we are grateful that they have shared their collection and hard work with us all. Their years of experience and passion for collecting have created one of the most useful and enjoyable books for Star Wars collectors world-wide.

A MUST-HAVE for any SW collector... A posséder absolument


This book IS a MUST-have for starwars collector of ANY field. Diehards as newbies, it will be your companion to reference your items over 3 decades and value your collection, but also see what you still have to hunt for, estimate values/rarity when trading or selling stuff, see what new area of collecting you could explore... and why not, one day, identify unreferenced items and contribute to the list - now GO for it!

EN FRANCAIS: ce livre s'adresse aussi bien aux collectionneurs assidus qu'aux débutants, quel que soit le type d'objets que vous collectionnez et produits durant les 30 dernières années! Il vous aidera à référencer votre collection, identifier les pièces manquantes, estimer des objets à vendre/échanger etc... et peut-être un jour, apporter votre contribution en identifiant un article non-référencé... - Ne le ratez pas!

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