Pathfinder Module S1: Clash of the Kingslayers (OGL)

****( ) (based on 5 ratings)
Pathfinder Module S1: Clash of the Kingslayers (OGL)

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An RPG Superstar dungeon adventure for 10th-level characters

Glimmerhold, an ancient dwarven city-kingdom, is under attack! A casual dungeon exploration has unleashed a host of hideous monstrosities from deep beneath the earth that threatens to destroy Glimmerhold. The ancient dwarven city has a dark secret, one that may turn the players against its rulers and force them to make the ultimate decision: save the city of Glimmerhold, or destroy it!

Written by Christine Schneider, the winner of Paizo’s first RPG Superstar™ contest.

The map of Glimmerhold was omitted for lack of space, but you can download it here, and read about it in this entry in the Paizo Blog.

Pathfinder Modules are 32-page, high-quality, full-color, OGL-compatible adventures for use with the world's most popular fantasy RPG. This Pathfinder Module includes four pre-made characters so players can jump right into the action, and full-color maps to enhance play.

ISBN 13: 978-1-60125-125-1

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****( ) (based on 5 ratings)

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Great module, but could be fantastic!

****( )

This module should be double sized. It's missing the map of Glimmerhold, but I found it online. The premise is sound, but the dungeon into Siege Weapon needs more 'crunch' dealing with hazards and CR rewards, a timeline as the rooms change, etc. I would have liked to see more detail of the Doom Guides as an organization, perhaps a charismatic leader with which to respond or interact with. These people are very interesting, since they clue the PCs into the corrupt nature of Glimmerhold. Also in the text, are suggestions for NPCs whom would interact with the PCs, but no names or even base stats are included. Again, this module shouts out for more detail.

A bit of background: I am running this adventure chopped up with the 'Doom Grinder' from TSR circa 1998 (?). I have set this module/Doom Grinder as the dwarf city of Karakast, on the fringes of the lands of Greyhawk. My Age of Worms campaign has a larger than normal group, so XP progression from that AP is slower than normal. The PC group is 6 level 12 characters. So I used the advanced template for most of the bad guys. Added some Forge Fiends rather than the Fire Elementals. etc.
The Doom Grinder module as written was interesting, but no reason for it's existence, reason for it's course, and the Derro guiding it was sketchy (i.e. they're insane, so do insane things). The 'Clash of Kingslayers' has motivation in spades, and I love the interaction with the King!

Enjoyable for player and GM

****( )

I ran this in my 3.5 game, the conversion was pretty easy, just a few name changes and such. Overall I enjoyed the module, there were some good roleplaying opportunities as well as a few challenging fights.

Unique Module With Unique Feel

****( )

This module is one of the most interesting concepts for an adventure I've seen. It moved away from common fantasy tropes, which does require some preparation. But with a little front-end work, it can fit into most campaigns.

The good: It's got an engaging back-story, one of betrayal, death, and revenge. Similarly, it's got a compelling villain, with whom the party has a chance to interact. The party also has the chance to interact with the populace, and actions in the beginning of the adventure can affect the end. The encounters are exciting, and challenging for a party. The new monsters presented were well-received by my party. Overall, there is plenty to keep a party busy. The quality of the writing, printing, and maps are all quite good.

The bad: All the items to compel a party to keep playing also mean the module is crowded. The details are sparse, and much of it needs to be fleshed out further. Many of the NPCs are given a few meager words of description. Several elements seem a bit rushed. This means that the GM will have to sit down beforehand to master the material and either 1) be prepared to improvise many minor but salient details or 2) work out such information ahead of time.

Similarly, the presentation makes the timing seem rushed. If you are not careful, your party would bounce back and forth without a real opportunity to understand their situation or even appreciate the unique living dungeon.

Finally, the hook is very sparse. The adventure seems to assume that the party will show up, notice bad things happening, and intervene because that is what adventurer's do. While high-level adventurers should be big players in a world, it will require some invention to give them a reason to care about the situation.

Not what I needed

**( )( )( )

I was running Curse of the Crimson Throne and thought I would use this adventure as an interlude as they traveled toward Kaer Maga. Upon purchase and review, I decided not to use it and swallow the $13 I paid for it rather than run my players through it.



This adventure is one that will wake you up at the table. Totally unexpected twist in this one and I have to say that our whole group really marvelled at the originality of the adventure. This one is definately worth your time.