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Sidewinder: Recoiled—Fort Griffin Echo, Volume 1, Number 2 (OGL) PDF

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Thanks for taking a gander at the second issue of the reborn Fort Griffin Echo. We here at Dog House Rules aim to continue the proud tradition of this Frontier newspaper, originally published from 1879–1882. The second edition of this DHR periodical is loaded with 36 pages of Wild West goodness.

  • Two Bits from a High Horse: The Echo's cantankerous editor, T.L. Gregory, offers his none-too-delicate opinions on one of the west's legendary firearms.
  • The Way it Was: The second installment of honest-to-goodness real news stories the Echo editors dug up for your readin' pleasure.
  • White Hat/Black Hat: This time ‘round, this recurrin' column presents a gang of the most wily, no-account, larcenous villains ever to defile the Frontier: Barstow Adams and his Outliers.
  • The Man and the Myth: The inaugural entry in this new column that figures to pop up ever' so often features a man who changed the west, even though he might never have set foot on the far side of Old Man River—none other than Samuel Colt.
  • Weapon Report: That scientist fella Hindman just can't stop writin' ‘bout guns. In a 34 gun salute to Samuel Colt, this issue's report presents descriptions, rules and stats for a variety of new shootin' irons to supplement the listings in Sidewinder: Recoiled.

And on top of all that, we toss in some nifty individual character sheets for the villains presented in the White Hat/Black Hat article.

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