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Sidewinder: Recoiled—Six-Guns: Lawmen—The Earps & Mastersons (OGL) PDF

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The Dog House Gang wasn’t satisfied with a single six-shooter, so we loaded up a second holster with another Six-Guns installment for your Wild West roleplayin’ action. Since our first Six-Guns product featured famous outlaws, we figured it was only natural to assemble a group of famous lawmen this time around.

Six-Guns: Lawmen – The Earps & Mastersons features six character descriptions and statistic blocks for Sidewinder: Recoiled, although these six lawmen could be used in any Wild West roleplayin’ game. We’ve gathered a posse of three brothers from two of the most famous families of the Old West:

  • Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp, Morgan Seth Earp, Virgil Walter Earp
  • Bertholomiew (William Barclay, W.B.) “Bat” Masterson, Edward “Ed” Masterson, James “Jim” Masterson

So draw quick, pardner, and claim this Six-Guns installment for your very own. There ain’t nothin’ to lose; this here ENnie-nominated (2007) Branded for Recoiled supplement is FREE for the takin’.

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