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Sidewinder: Recoiled—Fort Griffin Echo, Volume 1, Number 1 (OGL) PDF

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Welcome to the rebirth of The Fort Griffin Echo. Originally published from 1879 to 1882, The Fort Griffin Echo was a fine example of a frontier newspaper.

Although it didn't stay in circulation for a terribly long period of time, its demise had less to do with the quality of its journalism, and more with the death of its hometown. We here at Dog House Rules hope to continue the proud tradition of this once great American newspaper with our inaugural ENnie-Nominated FREE issue. As with many of yesteryear's papers, the Echo's publishing schedule will be irregular, determined by the events of the day rather than an arbitrary daily or weekly deadline.

  • The Way it Was: The first of a series of honest-to-goodness real news stories unearthed by the Echo editors—stories that give a taste of the real life on the Frontier.
  • Black Hat/White Hat: Law and order is a mighty likely theme in Western role playing, so Christopher S. Warner has rounded up a fictional posse inspired by the real events from the The Way it Was story.
  • Weapon Report: In a recurring column, DHR's resident scientist, Bradley W. Hindman, offers optional rules for weapon misfires and a look at some special weapons.
  • Council Fires: The Comanche: Geoff Spakes offers loads of information about the masters of the plains, the Comanche, including the first prestige classes explicitly designed for Sidewinder: Recoiled.
  • Cinema Styles: Eye-talian Style: T.L. Gregory and Mr. Hindman serve up some knee-slapping "Eye-talian" style campaign flavor. Get ready to bust a gut.

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