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Mayhem Marina PDF

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Mayhem Marina is a modern day setting dockyard. It features modular docks in various sizes, a tug/fishing boat and a variety of props. It's great for nocturnal criminal activities, and with 184 pieces, there's always action and danger at Mayhem Marina!

WorldWorksGames PDF terrain sets offer gamers a visually stunning and cost-effective alternative to other, more expensive gaming terrain solutions. “Print, Build & Play!”—it really is as simple as that! Download the terrain, open the PDF, print to cardstock on your home printer; build as many items as you need and PLAY! Our models are easy to build for any skill level, come with richly illustrated instructions and your environment can be as big or as small as your game requires, for just pennies a page! All of that backed by a level of detail and presentation unmatched in the industry. Our commitment is to making your game experience come to life without breaking the bank!

Mayhem Marina includes the following items:

    Modular Docks:
  • 3 8"x2" Docks
  • 1 4"x2" Dock
  • 1 4"x"1 Dock
  • 1 3"x6" Dock
    Tugboat/Fishing Boat in Two Hull Sizes:
  • Finely Detailed Cabin With Full Interior
  • Upper Deck Steering Station
  • Galley, Fridge
  • Spotlight
  • Radar
  • Mast and Crane
  • Control Console, Ship's Wheel
  • Winch
  • Opening Door
  • Optional Railings
  • Optional Ship Names
  • Optional Control Panels
  • Optional Wood or Grey Painted Deck
  • Optional Tires
  • Templates for Adding Foamcore Bases
  • 1/2" and 1/4" High 1"x1" and 1"x2" Hatchways
  • 1x1 Deck Vent
  • 1X2 Tall Deckhouse
  • 1" High and 2" High
  • 1" Step
  • 4"x2"x1" Box Platform
  • 4" Railings X 2
  • 4"x1"x1" Inch Ramp
  • 3"x6" Platform
  • Skiff with Outboard Motor
  • Pilings in Wood and Metal
  • Piling Boxes
  • Short Pilings
  • 12 Marina Signs with Base
  • 2 Fuel Dock Gas Pumps
  • Fuel Dock Shack with Counter
  • Lamppost with Optional Fire Extinguisher Box
  • 2 Trash Bins
  • Electrical Transformer Box
  • Shore Power unit
  • Old-Style Lobster Traps
  • Stack of Newer Lobster Traps
  • Dockside Crane with Control Box
  • Buoy
  • "Catch of the Day" with Optional Monster
  • Handcart
    Ground Tiles:
  • 7"x7" Concrete Dock X 3
  • 7"x7" Water X 1
  • 7"x7" Wooden Dock
  • 8"x2" Shoreline Adapter
  • Edging
    For Kitbashers:
  • Generic 7"x2" Boat Corridor
  • 5" Ship Interior Bulkhead
  • 5" Ship Exterior Bulkhead

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