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Maiden of the High Seas PDF

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Set sail with one of the most unique models for role playing ever created! The Maiden of the High Seas is set to start the RPG world on fire. Whether your gamers are die-hard swashbucklers or you simply need a ship for a crucial plot point, the Maiden will fill a longtime void in many RPG genres. Best of all, you don't need to blow hundreds of dollars and or weeks on a custom-built ship for your miniatures. Build the Maiden in a matter of days and on a budget that will make you smile.

Gamers and model hobbyists alike will find many unique uses for the Maiden. It's a proud item to display on the gaming table and equally suited for the fireplace mantel. But what makes the Maiden especially unique is her ability to separate decks "on the fly", allowing for multiple, simultaneous levels of game play!

WorldWorksGames PDF terrain sets offer gamers a visually stunning and cost-effective alternative to other, more expensive gaming terrain solutions. “Print, Build & Play!”—it really is as simple as that! Download the terrain, open the PDF, print to cardstock on your home printer; build as many items as you need and PLAY! Our models are easy to build for any skill level, come with richly illustrated instructions and your environment can be as big or as small as your game requires, for just pennies a page! All of that backed by a level of detail and presentation unmatched in the industry. Our commitment is to making your game experience come to life without breaking the bank!

Multi-deck System:
The sterncastle, forecastle and main hull are all independent sections. Each has a roof that is easily removed to access interior elements with ease. Combat and general movement can take place on all decks simultaneously without the need to re-order other sections. The lower decks even accommodate a number of ornately detailed free floating walls, allowing you to create practically any interior hull layout.

Multiple Miniatures Scale:
The Maiden of the High Seas is compatible with nearly all miniature scales. We've included 1-inch and 1.5-inch grids as well as no-grid versions of all the included decks.

Masts and Sails:
With the Maiden's unique mast and yard design users can configure their ships' sails in any number of ways in real time. Simply drop on the sail of your choice to change the look and feel of the ship. Show raised sail states with a number of raised sail designs—a great way to give players a sense of what state the sails are in during a bad stretch of weather.

Internal Props:
As usual, WorldWorks has provided you with a number of highly detailed interior props to "dress" the inside of your ship and give it a rich pirate flair! From the captain's desk strewn with maps to the sweat-stained hammocks, each element and texture has been carefully crafted to give you an authentic nautical feel. Bed trunks, tables, chairs, cargo crates, weathered cannons and, of course, the dreaded plank all add to an environment that will make your players feel like they are really there!

Ink-Jet Transparencies:
Always innovating, WorldWorks has incorporated the use of Ink-Jet transparencies in our designs to create intricate objects that are incredibly easy to build. Elements such as complex riggings, knotted roping (ratlines) and windows have been rendered with incredible detail specifically to be printed on transparencies. Other elements such as battle damage also use transparencies and can be placed anywhere on your ship that you want to show damage (blood, burn marks, broken decking, cannon holes, dents). Think of transparencies as "Alpha channels" for cardstock modeling.

It wouldn't be a WorldWorks product if we didn't include a Masterboard, and this one is special. To create a convincing ocean worthy of your creation, we've put together a large format area of water with specular lighting, reflectivity and wave effects that ground your model in an aura of believability. A series of twelve water tiles make up an image that will convince some that you've imported your own piece of the ocean right to your gaming table!

Huge Kitbashing potential:
Kitbashing is re-ordering the elements within a model set to come up with new designs. The Maiden is almost made with Kitbashing in mind. Extend the central hull as long as you like, add more masts, change sail designs, make her stubby, make her long. There is monstrous kitbashing potential here, and with the support of a large and dedicated community at WorldWorks you can exchange ideas and pictures with fellow modelers. Build one, build a fleet!

Pull all of this together with detailed, printer- friendly, step-by-step photographed instructions, and user support via the WorldWorks forums, and you have one product that is hard to pass up. So what are you waiting for? Get sailing, ya scurvy-ridden scalawag!

Download the FREE promo pack featuring full-size images!

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Just awesome...


I'm in the middle of builing the Maiden and it already looks amazing. Worldworks makes a quality product.

An Incredible Game Aid


This is the best ship model for gaming that I have ever found, and is quite possibly the best model ever released by World Works. (If I had to choose one WWG model, this would be it.)

The ship is huge, dominating a table - more than 25" long, and maybe a foot and a half tall. She is also surprisingly sturdy, surviving several years of active and energetic play, sometimes by enthusiastic young people.

I have used mine in D&D, Mordheim, Legends of the High Seas, Chaos in Carpathia, 7th Sea, and Changeling the Dreaming. (I used the ship rather a lot....)

Just plain an incredible model for using in games. She can be a bit of a tricky build, but so very much worth the effort. Gift Certificates
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