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Paths to Prestige: Fell Knight (4E) PDF

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Blackdirge Publishing and Goodman Games bring you Paths to Prestige, another new line of products for the Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons game. Each Paths to Prestige presents a new and intriguing paragon path, plus a template and an example monster or NPC based on the paragon path, making each product in the line useful for both players and DMs. Paths to Prestige is designed to fit easily into any campaign.

The first Paths to Prestige product introduces the dark and powerful fell knight. The fell knight is a fallen paladin that has turned his back on the powers of light and good for the twisted might of darkness. Although not specifically evil, the fell knight commands a host of powers and abilities that draw upon the strength of evil gods.

So indulge in a little darkness in your campaign with Paths to Prestige: Fell Knight.

    Paths to Prestige: Fell Knight contains 5 pages of new 4E material, which includes the following:
  • The fell knight prestige class
  • The fell knight template
  • The azer blackfire champion, a fully detailed example monster using the fell knight template
  • Fabulous illustrations by Jesse Mohn

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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An RPG Resource Review

****( )

This short but beautifully-presented piece introduces the fell knight, a fallen paladin. Well... one who has turned from the light, from service to the forces of good, at any rate. He may not be strictly speaking evil, but he's no longer the shining knight he once was.

Suitable deities for a fell knight are those who have dominion over war or death, or a fell knight may have merely slipped from the high standards required of paladin-hood without actually having thrown in his lot with a fully evil god.

Many paladin powers can still be used by a fell knight, but elegant suggestions are made as to how to subtly twist them to suit his fallen state. A collection of appropriate prayers and other powers especially created for the fell knight are also available.

Characters dealt with, there is also a fell knight template which can be applied to any suitable humanoid of 11th level or above. Suggestions are made for the modification of monsters or NPCs to use this template. A fine example is also given, using an azer as the base monster. This comes complete with notes on lore and encounter groups and even a good name - he's a 'Blackfire Champion' whose dedication is to spreading darkness.

A neat and elegant adaptation of the paladin to show the potential for service to something other than good... perhaps suitable opponent for the good paladin in your party! Gift Certificates
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