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Goodman Games and Blackdirge Publishing present Critter Cache, a new line of monster products for the Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition game. Each installment of Critter Cache will feature twenty or more new monsters for your 4E game. You’ll find old favorites updated for the new edition, plus new and intriguing monsters to challenge characters of all levels.

The first installment of Critter Cache features things that creep and crawl. Twenty giant insects, invertebrates, and other creepy crawlies fill the pages of Critter Cache: Big Bugs, presenting an array of monstrous challenges for characters of nearly all levels. Each big bug is fully illustrated by Jesse Mohn, and presented with a full description, tactics, lore, and encounter groups.

So, bring the bugs back to your game with Critter Cache: Big Bugs.

    Critter Cache: Big Bugs features 17 pages of new 4E material, and includes the following monster entries
  • Ant: Monstrous Ant Queen, Monstrous Ant Soldier, Monstrous Ant Worker
  • Beetle: Butcher Beetle, Irongrip Pincer Beetle, Puncture Beetl
  • Centipede: Deathstep Centipede, Megapede, Stenchcloud Centipede
  • Crustacean: Giant Mantis Shrimp, Giant Sea Scorpion, Viceclaw Crab
  • Mantis: Giant Praying Mantis, Sickleclaw Mantis
  • Slug: Corpse Slug, Giant Cone Snail, Giant Slug
  • Wasp: Blackjacket Bolter, Hellvenom Hornet, Incubator Wasp

17 pages

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Herewith presented without further ado are a collection of large bugs designed with but one purpose in mind - to scare and challenge any party of adventurers. Even if you don't mind small creepie-crawlies, these ones are guaranteed to make you think about running away!

The critters involved are ants, beetles, centipedes, crustaceans, mantis, slugs, and wasps. Each is given a thorough write-up with plenty of description as well as necessary rules material, clearly arranged to facilitate planning or reference during play. Detailed line-art drawings, some with human figures to indicate just how big the bugs involved are, illustrate each entry. Variants are included, so for example there are soldier, worker and queen ants; along with likely battle tactics and a note on the lore a knowlegeable character might be able to remember about the creature in question. There's also a list by level and monster role for those planning encounters.

It's a neatly-presented and useful product, and if you intend to incorporate any of the named creatures into your adventures well worth getting. It might even give you ideas for combat encounters you hadn't considered...

Hi all,

Thi is the first in a series of new monster products from Goodman Games and Blackdirge Publishing. As the title indicates, this one features giant insects and other "big bugs." Upcoming products in the series will feature dinosaurs, animals and beasts, fey, and daemons, just to name a few.


Paizo Employee Franchise Manager

Man, I sure wish I could stand 4e, cause some of these sound awesome. Any plans to make 3e versions of any of them in another BD product line?

yoda8myhead wrote:
Man, I sure wish I could stand 4e, cause some of these sound awesome. Any plans to make 3e versions of any of them in another BD product line?

Well, the monsters in this one would be pretty easy to convert; in fact, a couple of them are actually conversions of 3.5 monsters I did a while back. But if 4E isn't your bag, I completely understand.

As for offering a 3.5 version of Critter Cache; I would love to, but the GSL currently prohibits me from doing it. However, if the revision to the GSL allows me to produce the same product line with multiple editions, then I would definitely offer these in both 4.0 and 3.5.


Look! They've put Daigle on the cover! How awesome is that.

Ask a Shoanti wrote:
Look! They've put Daigle on the cover! How awesome is that.

Nah, that's a "sickleclaw mantis" on the cover. Daigle is on the inside. (He wanted too much for a cover spot).


Now, now Blackdirge, I realize you’re just trying to protect the guy but it’s obvious to me.

Besides, I remember Daigle divulging that he had a few too many the other night and he skewered an adventurer on the temple steps. He was a bit embarrassed about the whole thing, not so much that it was an inebriated critical but because, well you know: the dammed paparazzi!

(P.S. Great concept for a book – I’m all for giant bugs!)

I like it!

It will be seeing play this Monday night.

The Last Rogue wrote:

I like it!

It will be seeing play this Monday night.

Awesome. Let me know how my big bugs do against your PCs. =]

Also, for the DMs out there, there will be a companion line to this one called Critter Encounters. Critter Encounters will feature short, ready-to-play encounters using the monsters from the Critter Cache line. Look for Critter Encounters I: Bugged Out toward the end of the month.


Scarab Sages

Name changes would allow the same material to be republished ;)

Instead of Monstrous Ant Queen ----> Giant Ant Queen

etc, etc, etc...

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