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Combat Tiers Family Pack

***** (based on 10 ratings)

Our Price: $39.95


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Combat Tiers bring a new dimension to tabletop gaming scenarios where height and distance are needed. Eliminating guesswork, Combat Tiers place any size miniatures at the exact height and distance needed to determine where combatants are during your battle scenarios.

Made from durable acrylic, Combat Tiers are designed to easily engage your gaming experience. The transparent material will not obscure the gaming environment. Multi-tier possibilities allow you to create various heights, while the large staging platforms allow the players to place multiple figures in simulated flight or combat, keeping everything sturdy and precise. Combat Tiers are gauged in one inch increments both on the prominent staging platforms and on the supporting columns, so ranges can be easily determined at a glance. With additional extensions, your figures can soar to even higher heights. No longer are ranges reduced to estimations—know exactly how the battle unfolds!

Combat Tiers can simulate many environments—use them to gauge underwater and space environments in addition to flight. For military enthusiasts, planes come alive during raids and strafing runs, and ships and submarines enjoy a new level of silent running as altitudes and depths take on a whole new gaming dimension.

Combat Tiers truly invigorate all your combat gaming situations.

The Combat Tiers Family Pack consists of:

  • four 4" X 4" grid platforms
  • two 5" X 5" grid bases
  • five 2" extension posts
  • five 4" extension posts

Note: This product configuration has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It is expected to be re-released under a new product code with one (or more) of the following changes: new configuration of pieces, product revisions, or updated packaging.

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Product Reviews (10)
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Average product rating:

***** (based on 10 ratings)

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Excellent Use of Space


I recommend this to anybody that likes to have a any potential situation covered and if you're one of the GM's that are all about preparation - this is a must have.

I bought the Family Pack of these and opened them the following week. A minor issue was quickly resolved by Paizo and Tinkered Tactics. This 5 star review is for both the response from the company and the actual game play use.

The actual product is superb. I have been buying flying Heroclick for a while and then using coke caps as a base to show case a flying character. No height was represented, but at least the character is off the ground. It works fairly well. I also have the Elevator Wizard (two of them) and they're OK. The main problem there is that the base is fairly narrow and at a couple inches tall, I'm always worried a "good" mini will fall. For it's height indication, it has scored marks and a colored ribbon to indicate height.
These Combat Tiers are not like either my modified Heroclick or EW. These are bad ass. There's a PFS module that takes place in the Darklands and is in an inverted pryamid. These will work perfectly. You'd show the highest level as actually being the "ground floor."
But for everyday usage involving almost any sort of level indication, these are your best bet. If you don't have the battlements of the castle wall, you have two flying creatures battling it out, you have someone floating on the water, someone flying above the water and a group under the water, you can get it covered (this can happen in one of the Carrion Crown mods). Trust me, it would have made setting up that module a cinch had I had these and not my trusty modified Heroclick.
I contacted Paizo CS and finally Tinkered Tactics. All communication was swift between Paizo and TT through and to me. Their final response was actually way over the top and much more than I'd expected as a resolution.

A must have for any GM


I received mine yesterday and I am blown away by the quality. I prepared a battle for my next session just so I could use them. The Family Pack has everything I could think I'd ever need. Definitely something that I may have to buy another set of; luckily I don't have many "flyers" in my group.

I'll let you know how the session goes!

Best Quality I have seen in any add-on


I am soon to have to GM an underwater segment and thanks to the reviews
I purchased the family pack.

After receiving these I am really confident that it will go much easier.
These tiers are very well made and solidly built.
I have pulled them apart and put them together dozens of times now and there is no slippage in the connections at all.

This is probably the best made add-on I have purchased.



Ok, I bought these expecting FAR less. I was not expecting the hardy construction, good holding joints, and in the family pack, sincerely insane combos you can manage to create. They have been on my table for a single session in low (below level 5) play and already we have found use for them, in this case helping as range finders for a height related shot dealing with cliffs...

I am VERY impressed with this product and highly suggest it to any GM or player out there who has in his group, or runs in a game, a flying character, or dragons. Dragon encounters with these are going to be EPIC... In fact the group is SO excited by the concept we are going to run a one shot dragon fight next week using retired PC characters.

Here's to game products that bring old characters out of retirement.

A True Boon for All Gamers


What else can I say.......Amazing Product!!!

I bought these specifically for a Gnome Wind Oracle that I have going in the Crimson Throne Campaign and these tiers paid for themselves in the first day of using them. Just like the description says, no more guess work in Underwater / Aerial Battles. Got saved from a couple Fireballs because we could accurately gauge the sphere's radius. These will be definitely be coming to every game session here on out.

Thanks Paizo / Tinkered Tactics for another Great Product !!! Keep 'em Coming !!!

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