Rotpatch Pumpkin Golem

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Each Reaper miniature is made from the finest white metal alloy. It comes unpainted and may need some assembly. A complete line of Reaper paints can be found here.

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Ships from our warehouse in 6 to 18 business days. This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer or is no longer being carried by our distributor.

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Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

Now to locate Pathfinder monster stats for this bad boy...


Right here, or a very mean, overgrown version of this.

Grmpf, 5 minutes too late...
But yeah, my first thought was: Scarecrow as is used in KM #2 on Elga Verniex' grounds.


Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

Thanks Liz, I nearly forgot about Kingmaker's Scarecrow! Now I'll just advance him and give him a scythe. Thanks again!

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