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Urban Adventures: The Great City—Color Map Folio PDF

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Welcome! You will see the Great City as you've never seen it before!

    This product contains:

  • The Great City Poster Map
    An amazing 25.5" x 11" poster showing the whole Great City in three dimensions! You can recognize each landmark of the city at a glance: the Circus Maximus, Castle Atregan, The Temple of the Silver Lady and so on. The Rule the Dungeon feature allows you to hide and show the poster features and print it as you like (with or without text, north mark, etc.) The poster map comes as a whole (allowing you to bring it to a print server to make a gorgeous poster) and broken into three US letter-size sheets, for easy home printing.
  • The Great City Map
    This is a gorgeous, full-color 25.5" x 22" map of the Great City. The Rule the Dungeon feature allows you to hide and show the map features and print it as you like.
      Available features are:
    • Text: hide/show names and numbers
    • Grid: hide/show a large 80-foot-square grid
    • Cross-reference text: hide/show text useful for cross-referencing grid square
    • Trim Lines: hide/show ward boundary lines
    • North and Scale: hide/show north mark and scale
    • Key on Map: hide/show on-map key boxes
    The map comes as a whole (allowing you to bring it to a print server to make a gorgeous poster) and broken into six US Letter-size sheets, for home printing.

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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An RPG Resource Review

****( )

This product consists of two poster maps, done to the usual high standard we've come to expect from 0one Games. The first is quite unusual, at full size it is 25.5" x 11" and depicts the city as a 3-dimensional image - imagine you are standing on a hill at a distance with the city laid out before you. It is provided as a single sheet for those lucky souls who have access to printers capable of dealing with it, and as 3 normal pages for those of us who make do with an ordinary colour printer and some sticky tape. It really gives a good feel for the city, making more conventional maps come alive, and would look good on the wall especially if you are running adventures in the city!

The second poster is the more conventional top-down "Bird's eye view" map, in a poster of 25.5" X 22 or as six ordinary sheets to stick together. Again, its lush colours allow the imagination to run riot, if this popped up in Google Earth somewhere you would believe it!

In both posters, you have the option of displaying various information such as a map key, text or a compass rose; or just leaving the map to speak for itself. While neither of these maps are as convenient for actual gaming as other mapsets of the Great City, they are too beautiful to ignore. Gift Certificates
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