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Pathfinder #16—Second Darkness Chapter 4: "Endless Night" (OGL)

****½ (based on 8 ratings)
Pathfinder #16—Second Darkness Chapter 4:
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Chapter 4: "Endless Night"
by F. Wesley Schneider

The Underworld Awaits!

Far below the world of light, a cavity of unspeakable evil spreads an ancient hatred through the darkness. From their city of Zirnakaynin the dark elves rule an empire of lies and dark magic. Already their foul ambitions grasp for the world above, threatening a cataclysm beyond reckoning and the advent of a second Age of Darkness. Only by taking on the disguises of dark elves themselves and invading the capital of the drow can the PCs discover their enemies’ true faces and put an end to their world-shattering plot. But what hope for survival can natives of the surface have in a merciless realm of endless night?

    This volume of Pathfinder includes:
  • “Endless Night,” an adventure for 9th-level characters, by F. Wesley Schneider
  • An exploration of Zirnakaynin, the sunless city of the drow, with revelations on its cruel residents and ruthless rulers, by F. Wesley Schneider
  • Secrets of the perverse drow art of fleshwarping and the terrifying abominations born of this mad science, by J.D. Wiker and Darrin Drader
  • Eando Kline reawakens an evil that could jeopardize all of Golarion in the Pathfinder’s Journal, by Jay Thompson
  • Five new monsters by Jonathan Drain and F. Wesley Schneider

For characters of 9th to 11th level.

Pathfinder is Paizo Publishing's 96-page, perfect-bound, full-color softcover Adventure Path book printed on high-quality paper that releases in a monthly volume. Each volume is brought to you by the same staff which brought you Dragon and Dungeon magazines for over five years. It contains an in-depth Adventure Path scenario, stats for about a half-dozen new monsters, and several support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. Because Pathfinder uses the Open Game License, it is 100% compatible with the 3.5 edition of the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

ISBN–13: 978-1-60125-129-9

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 8 ratings)

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You get to play undercover in a drow city - which is quite detailed in the article in the back and the adventure itself.
Lots of information on the drow on Golarion.
The Fleshwarp article.
The art is incredibly evocative.
$5 only!

This is written for the 3.5 rules.

Still lots in stock, so buy one! ;-)

If you are looking for details on the drow, this is your book, no matter if you need them as PCs, NPCs, or enemies. Also the fact that each noble house has a different Demon Lord (which are all detailed in AP book #18) as a patron is awesome.
Zirnakaynin is a very different setting from Menzoberranzan and can´t be as detailed in a 10 page article, but it really gets the creative juices flowing.
Buy the "Second Darkness Map Folio" for $3 with this, it has a giant full color map of the drow city (which extends over 3 areas) and you are ready to go!


I've reviewed this adventure over on

Portuguese - Br

****( )

Apesar dos problemas e da aventura ser roteirizada como uma peça de teatro, é uma edição que vale a pena ter. É uma aventura diferente, voltada a politicagem realizada pelos personagens, algo bastante raro no mundo do D&D. Pois artigos muito bons sobre os drows de Golarion e os monstros da edição bastante variados e criativos. A set piece é um tanto genérica, mas é um bom exemplo de como usar doenças em aventuras de nível alto e até mesmo a ficção estabelece a introdução dos povo-serpente (serpent-folk) em Golarion já que não haverão Yuan-Tis. Contudo não posso deixa mais claro que isso, de todas as aventuras que fazem parte das adventure paths, essa é a que mais pode acabar se tornando injogável com um grupo que não tenha maturidade, ela provoca mesmo o ego dos jogadores e isso pode gerar muitos problemas.

Constant Errors Were Distracting

***( )( )

I've read Rise of the Runelords, Crimson Throne, Legacy of Fire, Kingmaker, Serpent's Skull, and what's been released so far for Carrion Crown, and this book is by far the worst I've read (possibly one of the worse adventures I've read in more than 30 years of gaming) when it comes to continuity, grammar, and typography errors. Is the big bad male or female? The pictures say one thing, but the text states and implies both. What is the name if the big bad's tower? It's called one thing in the description of the estate and then referred to as something else for the rest of the adventure. Then there's poorly written sentences, jumbled words, doubled words, and by the end of it I found that I was very distracted by all the errors.

The concept is very unique and original and is a very different take on the infiltration scenario. Truly cool.

Overall, I don't see why the drow had to be changed. Much of what's been explained in PF about drow just doesn't make much sense because there's no firm framework to force it to be. This was one thing Paizo didn't need to reinvent to "own."

It Just Keeps Getting Better! Don't just fight the Drow, BE ONE!


This is one of the most creative scenarios I have read in my D&D career, and I started when it was called Chainmail... Check out my full review: Endless Night

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