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GM-fu: Session Prep PDF

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Now, the Masters of GM-fu present their secrets of Session Preparation!

Successful session planning requires inspiration and execution. We will help with both! Learn how to foster ideas, mine tropes from TV and movies, and tailor content to your players with this workbook from the GenCon 2008 workshop. We will also explain how to take those concepts and compose your session notes by creating a development cycle and packing your notes with the essential elements.

Includes the exercises used during the workshop. This electronic book also has added links and bookmarks not available in the printed version.

Master your GM-fu and conquer the mysteries of session prep!

Authors: Phil Vecchione, Philippe-Antoine Menard, Vicki Potter
30 pages

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Doesn't work for me either...

I have the same problem as the previous reviewer. I've read Paizo's advice where the Window's unzip utility is concerned... can anyone recommend another unzipping utility that might work?

Not working

I download the zip file, and there is nothing in there. Can't use it like that.

[Note from Paizo: The default Windows unzipper sometimes tries very hard to "protect" you from PDF files by not unzipping them (and not even telling you they exist). If you don't see any PDF files after unzipping, using a different unzipping utility will solve the problem.] Gift Certificates
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