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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Castles & Crusades Adventure Setting DB3: The Deeper Darkness (OGL) PDF

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Return to the Crater of Umeshti!

As is whispered throughout The Duchy of Karbosk, the Crater of Umeshti holds secrets both wondrous and deadly. Now delve deeper than ever before as the portals to the next three levels in this epic dungeon dive are unlocked at long last!

Face Lord Ulzar the Gargoyle, whose aerial minions defend the endless shaft from prying eyes of treasure seekers and would-be heroes. Traveling ever downward, find the hidden base of Snaalrak, bugbear raider and soldier of fortune, and former pit-champion of the Undercity of Ulgakur, now an outlawed rebel from that mysterious city of wickedness and pain!

A Voyage to the Deeper Darkness!

Here along the banks of the Eibon river an unforeseen terror awaits amongst the reservoirs and lakes of the Darkness. Are the heroes brave enough to face the madness that crawls amongst the flooded halls of the old dwarven foundry? Are they strong enough to overcome the madness that they will surely find?

The Deeper Darkness is the first sequel to the epic dungeon exploration begun in The Crater of Umeshti. Pitting adventurers against tests of wit, strength, and magical power, The Deeper Darkness ensures challenges for a variety of play styles. Suggested character levels range from 4th to 8th with scalability to insure exciting roleplay and action/adventure for a variety of character classes.

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