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Campaign Coins: Pack of 10 Coins—2 cp

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

Our Price: $8.99

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This is a pack of ten of the 2-Copper coins. The front shows a taloned hand with three fingers and a thumb, and the back of the coin is patterned. It has a distinctive six-sided design. A copper '2' coin is 19mm (0.75 in) x 16mm, slightly longer than a U.S. penny but not as wide, and thicker (2mm, versus the penny 1.55mm). The coins in the copper range are of an older, pre-Human empire.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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Copper coins are a great design


The color and sculpture on these coins are great. Having the three fingered claw hand really sets the coinage in a fantasy setting (There's a nice geometric design on the reverse side). The unique six sided shape is easy to recognize in a pile of loot. They also make a very satisfying clanking sound when moved about. The size of the 2cp coins seems to be the smallest of the Campaign Coins sets. A tiny bit larger would have been nice, but overall still five stars.
NOTE: There are also sold in mixed denomination packs under Piazo's Gamemastery brand.

Money GOOD, poverty BAD!

***( )( )

These are good. Surprisingly, they look EXACTLY LIKE THE PICTURE, although way smaller -- not quite the size of US pennies. Then again, they're real metal, copper colored, and are very convincing Goblin Towne Currency. They're good for adding flavor to any game, and they're way cheaper than the whole Campaign Coins set! Gift Certificates
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