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Pathfinder Society T-Shirt: Andoran Faction

***( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)
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From humble beginnings as loggers and merchants, the Andorens proved themselves survivors on a hard frontier. Even before they won their independence they were an impressive people. Brave explorers and canny merchants, they were the first to sail the sea beyond the Arch of Aroden. They settled distant colonies, hewing a life from wild lands and an inhospitable coastline fraught with peril. The power of Old Taldor's navy rested on the shoulders of capable Andoren commanders whose skill at arms, fiery tenacity, and naval puissance was unrivaled in the empire's glory day.

Features the Andoran faction logo in two shades of blue on a steel-colored 100%-cotton tee.

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Average product rating:

***( )( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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Poor sizing, packaging and quality

**( )( )( )

I ordered this shirt and the Gray Maidens shirt. The Gray Maidens shirt is a far superior product for $2 less then I paid for this shirt. As the other poster mentioned I don't like the packaging and the size was too short where the Gray Maidens shirt was perfect and plenty long. The material doesn't feel as nice as the gray Maidens shirt. This shirt Feels flimsy. It is not 100% cotton as the description says. The Tag say 90% and it is not Preshrunk where the Gray Maidens shirt is 100% cotton and Preshrunk. I wish this shirt was better quality I wouldn't mind paying extra for it. I do like the extra re-roll so I am giving it an extra star.

Andoran Freedom Shirt

****( )

This shirt is pretty awesome. The colors go very well together and it has that military / patriotic feel to it. Most people will have no idea what it means so feel free to wear it out in public. Not only do you get a free re-roll at conventions and society games for justing wearing this shirt, but it is a total chick magnet too. My only complaint is how they are packaged. Very wrinkled once you finally pry them out from their slice of cheese packaging that they come in. The first time I wore the wrinkled shirt in public, someone gave me a dollar and wished me well on my job hunt. I spent the dollar on gum. After a few washes, it looks fine now. I recommend you buy one right now. Gift Certificates
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