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Pathfinder Society Scenario #2: The Hydra's Fang Incident (OGL) PDF

***½( ) (based on 33 ratings)

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A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for 1st to 5th level characters (Tiers: 1–2, 4–5).

After an Andoren village is razed by the Hydra's Fang, a renegade Chelish slaver-ship, outrage threatens the stability of both nations. You and your fellow Pathfinders are sent to capture the Fang before the Inner Sea is pitched into political frenzy.

Written by Tim Hitchcock

This scenario is designed for play in Pathfinder Society Organized Play, but can easily be adapted for use with any world. This scenario is compliant with the Open Game License (OGL) and is suitable for use with the 3.5 edition of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

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Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 33 ratings)

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Pirate flavor, fast pace combats

***( )( )

Runned once, not played yet.

Very combat central, with little roleplay opportunities.

There's some cultural image of Diobel and pirate life, but need imagination to get involved in. There's one deadly combat due to underwater fight of Tier 1-2, don't mean not to wipe out the party.

Some pirate flavor, but a bit of bland compares to later scenarios.

***( )( )

From both a player and a GM perspective this scenario is fairly bland and average. Typical of the starting season really.

An RPG Resource Review


Darsielle Du Moire has always been trouble, a wastrel noble's son sent to sea with a letter of marque, he's turned pirate and it's up to the Pathfinders to do what the Andorian and Chelish navies cannot - bring him to book. Or at least, get hold of a book he's stolen. It's an exciting and atmospheric adventure, that is reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean in feel.

The adventure starts with the party getting their mission briefing in a rowdy tavern in a run-down port, and whilst there's information to be had (the briefing officer is surprisingly well-informed) speed is, as always, of the essence and they're soon swept along. The first lead seems to be a dead-end, but is it? A mad scramble across (and under) the docks leads the party to the pirate ship where unsurprisingly a brawl ensues.

On the face of it, this is a really simple - and rather linear - adventure. Yet with its vivid atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to fight (even before you reach the pirate ship), it makes for a good, swift romp - it benefits from being run with high energy, plenty of description and headlong action.

This is the sort of adventure that is what attracts young bravos to join the Pathfinders in the first place, and should prove a memorable incident in anyone's early career. Whilst embedded well in Golarion, it should adapt with a few name-changes to any campaign world, especially one with a thriving pirate community. An excellent opportunity to swash your buckle!

A fun and simple scenario

***( )( )

Today I GM'ed my first scenario, namely this one - big surprise, right? I agree with others before me that the story can be a bit thin, especially if the party ends up being unable to question opponents due to various reasons. A similar thing can be said about explaining what this 'city' looks like: unless the players ask questions, they'll likely end up being confused by the layout of the city and how it functions as a whole. For a GM this means some more work and at times it's a bit annoying that certain features (such as the height of a ship) are missing. While a certain level of improvisation is always needed, this scenario requires a lot of on the spot thinking. Thankfully it's not all that difficult.

That said, I had the feeling that the players had a fun time and as a result I enjoyed this session as well. From what I gathered the scenario was at times rather challenging. It was difficult, but not too hard, to overcome an obstacle or survive an encounter, but they managed to succeed without any casualties on their side. Tipping the boat is not as dangerous as long as you remember they're still in the shallow part of the bay. It's only really dangerous for the smaller races.

Would I recommend this scenario? I think I would. While it's true that you have to wing it at times, it's not awfully hard to prepare. I'm also convinced it caters to most players as well. The main focus in this scenario is on fighting with a few situations on the side where role-playing can shine. If you're looking for puzzles, you are best to skip this one as there are none. It's just a fun and simple scenario that doesn't really stands out, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.

***( )( )

The story on this one is a bit thin, but functional. Has a decent variety of encounters, some of which can be pretty dangerous to unprepared PCs.

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