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Conflict Chips: Spell Effects Set

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The long-awaited enlarge person chip has finally arrived! This chip has all the game effects to change humanoids and their weapons to large sizes. The chip is durable, does not scratch battlemats, and is easy to move around in close combat! The second chip is the popular grease spell. Both of these chips represent a 10' by 10' area of effect without covering up the squares below them completely. The last two chips elevate your miniatures with ease. Fly backed with overland flight and levitate backed with air walk spell effects allow you to use these popular tactical spells without referencing the Player’s Handbook. The metal cores of these chips can work with Alea Tools magnets stacked below them to simulate height above the battlefield!

Spell Effects includes 4 chips: Levitate/Air Walk, Enlarge Person, Fly/Overland Flight and Grease.

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*( )( )( )( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Bought these, not a fan!

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Well I ordered these to test out if i wanted the whole series of poker chips. I found that they are too large for not handy. The sizes are strange, being not quite 10ft * 10ft and being too large to use for 5ft * 5ft spells. Gift Certificates
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