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Tile Designer: Wilderness Pack #1 PDF

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Wilderness Tile Designer is a great PDF, allowing you to build customized wilderness with ease, and here’s a great addition for it: a set of 33 “static” tiles specifically designed for use with the Tile Designer products. These are 6x6-inch tiles matching the look and feel of the Wilderness Tile Designer (however, they can be used for any purpose). The tiles add objects, lakes, waterfalls and features not available in WTD. The tiles can be use as starting point for building new exciting wilderness as well as to craft unique open areas.

    This Wilderness Pack contains the following tiles:
  • 0one's: Circle of Stones NW
  • 02: Circle of Stones N
  • 03: Circle of Stones NE
  • 04: Circle of Stones E
  • 05: Altar
  • 06: Waterfall Small
  • 07: Waterfall Big
  • 08: Lake NW
  • 09: Lake N
  • 10: Lake NE
  • 11: Lake E
  • 12: Lake SE
  • 13: Lake S
  • 14: Lake SW
  • 15: Lake W
  • 16: Lake Middle
  • 17: Lake Rock
  • 18: Fence Smal
  • 19: Fence Big, Corner
  • 20: Fence Big, Straight
  • 21: Fence Big, Gate
  • 22: Cart Diagonal
  • 23: Cart Along Way
  • 24: Drinking Basin
  • 25: Off-Tile Trees, Straight
  • 26: Off-Tile Trees, Corner
  • 27: Off-Tile Trees, Heavy
  • 28: Tombs
  • 29: Alternate Campfire
  • 30: Well
  • 31: Stone Bridge, Small
  • 32: Stone Bridge, Big
  • 33: Cave Entrance, Big

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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An RPG Resource Review

****( )

This product contains a fine set of lush wilderness tiles to complement those you make yourself using the Wilderness Tile Designer... or just a nice bunch of wilderness tiles to use as is, if you prefer.

The tiles you get include some standing stones (which combine nicely into a stone circle Stonehenge style), an altar, a couple of waterfalls, the edges of a lake (which again can be combined to make the whole lake complete with a small island), some fence segments, a couple of abandoned carts, a horse trough, areas edged by wood (not madly clear, this one), tombs, a campfire, a well, a couple of bridges and a cave entrance. They're all good-looking and include some features that you don't even get with the Wilderness Tile Designer.

Overall, a useful addition for anyone who likes running adventures set out of doors... or just wants to add some spice to the hike to the next dungeon or town. Gift Certificates
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