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Reign of Discordia (True20) PDF

***** (based on 4 ratings)

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Science fiction the way you love it!

Reign of Discordia is the core setting book in line of the same name by the celebrated game designer Darrin Drader and Reality Deviant Publications. RoD gives you what you need to know about the galactic civilization following the fall of the Stellar Imperium. Future sourcebooks and adventures will further add to the dynamic space opera setting presented in this core setting book.

Within the pages of Reign of Discordia, you can fight against the R'Tillek and their crusade of extermination against the known species, fight to protect the independence of dozens of worlds, participate in the cold war between Earth and Lamog, haul cargo to the Frontier Systems, involve yourself in the various crime syndicates, work for one of the interplanetary conglomerates and engage in corporate sabotage, play a role in the advancement of one of the interplanetary organizations, salvage starships, and engage in a number of other activities that will bring danger and adventure.

    This product includes:
  • Character rules for a space opera setting
  • Six new core races for the setting (Gaieti, Lamogos, Tallinites, Sangor, Relerrans, and the R'Tillek)
  • Seven character roles (soldier, naval officer, infiltrator, mentalist, pilot, bounty hunter, and low-life)
  • Descriptions of over 50 planets, which comprise the setting's core locations
  • Descriptions of numerous interplanetary organizations
  • Starship rules for True20
  • A range of starships
  • A detailed description of the space station Rover's Beacon, which is one of the key locations within the setting

Welcome to the threatened and turbulent galaxy of 2690. Can you make a difference in these difficult times?

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***** (based on 4 ratings)

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Surviving after the Fall

****( )

A well-written, professionally packaged science-fiction campaign setting for True20. The extensive history, numerous planets, organizations, and the Rover Station provide plenty of places for adventurers to visit. Reign of Discordia covers most sf genres, from space merchants to political intrigue to outright war between the planets. The possibly biggest issue is the lack of adventure hooks or ideas. GMs will have to come up with their own though given the material, it shouldn't be too difficult.

Only thing missing from the system is means to generate new planets or planetary systems, and animals. Oh, and robots. Gotta have robots. However, these are minor consideration, and I'd recommend Reign even for other sf gaming systems.

Classic Science Fiction Lives Again


Few science fiction RPGs impress me, but Reign oF Discordia is a superb campign setting within 136 pages and an excellent expansion for the True20 game rules. Don't pass this book up whatever you do. I'm going to dust the old True20 books of my shelf and give them another look.

Everything old is new again


I picked up Reign of Discordia today in hopes it would help me expand True20 to work for a game I plan to run soon. It did more than that. Not only is it a great source for moving True20 into Scifi but it kept reminding me of all my old favorite games and how they could live again by True20. Lets face it some of those early games like Mechwarrior and Star Frontiers had great ideas but they systems were... With Reign of Discordia, even if you ignore the included universe it easily can be adapted to cover other Space Opera games. As I read, I found myself thinking of resurrecting my 3060 Mechwarrior Campaign, starting a game in the Babylon 5 universe and running the Stargate game I intended to play. I bought this to flesh out the FTL capable people in the universe for that Stargate game and it should work well for that.

Not a huge departure from the roots of d20 Future but a solid True20 source book and the flavor is worth the read. Happy I picked up this gem that may breath new life into my dusty True20 books. This is my first Reality Deviant Publications book, but not the last. Thanks to Lilith and Darrin Drader for pointing out this product.

Classic SciFi for True20


Reign of Discordia is a classic science fiction RPG product, integrated into the elegant and easy to play True20 system. Darrin Drader and RDP did a great job of recreating the feel, look and flavor of some of the timeless early Science
Fiction RPGs such as Traveler, Edward Simbalist's original "Space Opera" and Spacemaster. Rules for starship combat are detailed and complete, yet integrate well into the fast moving combat rules of True20. No endless chart flipping here, but the rules are thorough enough to provide even detail oriented players with a satisfying gaming experience where their characters can make the difference between life and gory inter stellar defat. The production quality is very high for a PDF product. The book contains bautiful starmaps and I loved the mini-planet illustrations in color. Almost half of the book is fluff tailored to the specific Reign of Discordia setting which details humans rise to faster than light travel and then downfall into a miniature interstellar dark ages after warfare with alien races. Half mile long battlecruisers, hardened space miners that seek hydrogen in the void of space, dingy space stations with curiously alien patrons--no staple of Space Opera has been left untouched by Reign of Discordia. There's nothing groundbreaking here--the history and backstory that the book presents can be taken or left by any narrator. The rules for equipment, character paths, additional feats, added explanations for skill use and a nicely detailed combat and starship customization system make for a slightly more complex True20 gaming experience, but as someone who has played Traveler, Spacemaster, FASA's Star Trek RPG and even Star Frontiers, I can honestly say that Reign of Discordia is a very complete and thorough product that works very well. You don't necessarily need Mr. Drader's entertaining and well written campaign world to enjoy this book. You get a complete Space Opera genre for True20 with lots of classic SciFi goodness. Gift Certificates
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