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Blackdyrge's Portfolio: Elves I PDF

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The next installment of Blackdyrge’s Portfolio features everyone’s favorite demi-humans: elves. Blackdyrge’s Portfolio: Elves I includes 8 high-quality, black & white images of elves, both male and female. The art is presented in 300 dpi .tif files, and is drawn by Blackdirge Publishing’s talented Jesse Mohn.

These images can be used in both professional and personal projects, subject to the included license.

    Blackdyrge’s Portfolio: Elves I contains eight 300 dpi .tif images and includes the following:
  • Elven bard in leather armor (male)
  • Elven sorcereress (female)
  • Elven wizard (male)
  • Elven noble (female)
  • Elven ranger in studded leather
  • Elven fighter/rogue (female)
  • Elven fighter in plate mail (male)
  • Elven rogue or bard (male)

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