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Kobold Quarterly 5

****½ (based on 2 ratings)

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Kobold Quarterly's Exclusive 4th Edition Interview

The sneaky kobolds have asked the designers of the 4th Edition D&D Player’s Handbook a few pointed questions—and gotten the inside scoop!

This interview covers kobold PCs, favorite games, and upcoming releases, plus their suggestions for character conversion from 3rd Edition.

And there's lots of 3rd Edition and edition-neutral articles: the Ecology of the Homunculus, improving your improvisation skills from Nicolas Logue, and the Arch-Devil Jezebel by Paizo’s own James Jacobs.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 2 ratings)

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Ecology and the Princess

****( )

Two articles make this worth every cent--The Ecology of the Homunculus and Jezebel, Princess of Hell. Both are worthy of the Best of Dragon and really hold this magazine up at the highest level. Jezebel's picture is so fabulous that just seeing it made me rework my Pathfinder RPG conversion of 'A Paladin in Hell' to make Jezebel the main enemy instead of my old favorite, Geryon.

The Magical Altars article is also super classic DM-fare and has been a great help to me.

Solid, solid solid.

Another Outstanding Issue


This magazine, after one year and five issues, has never disappointed. In fact, it only continues to get better with each new issue.

Issue 5 is no exception - the best of a very high quality magazine so far. The cover art is gorgeous, and the content is all killer, no filler. James Jacobs himself has designed another Denizen of Hell - this time the fabled Jezebel. Extremely well written as always, Jezebel represents another great addition to the hierarchy of hell. Nick Logue's article is incredibly well done - providing valuable insight into running more fluid campaigns free of DM fiat.

All in all, a fantastic issue.

I had thought that Dragon was dead in all but name. I was wrong - it has been reborn in Kobold Quarterly. Gift Certificates
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