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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Signature RPG PDF

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A generic RPG that is simple enough to be played on the couch, or even the backseat of a car! Yet you can use Signature for sci-fi, space fantasy, King Arthur, The Three Musketeers, and more! There's less than an hour's customization time per setting, and no dice required! Character generation is easy and fun, emphasizing defining traits!

Want to support a different genre, or are afraid the game will become too generic? Change the Tone, the bonus given for a give style of play. Frex, "Reason" in an Age of Reason Game; “Kill Them and Take Their Stuff” in a hack-n-slash game.

What to change from Realistic to crazy, over the top stuff? Adjust the Wildness of the game—how many "Wild Points" (think Hero or Fate points) the characters start with and can have at one time.

Want to cover magic, high tech, low tech, aliens, psionics? Just give the characters appropriate Traits: “Magic,” “High Tech,” etc. for a broad game; “Shadow Magic of the Ninth Circle,” “Psi Cop” for a more focused game.

Want to change from narrow Traits to broad Traits? Just change the description of the Trait: "Quantum Physicist" to "Scientist" for example.

Signature lets you create NPCs as fast as you can name them, and has numerous GM suggestions for plot twists and changes of scene.

And there's more. You can scale the game up to cosmic levels, or down to pocket universe levels; emulate the rules of different dimensions by giving them a bonus or penalty to certain Traits; or go for more detailed resolution using the “Five-Step Resolution Mechanic.”

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