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Dragon's Claw Dice Holder: Pendant—Old Silver

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Customers have asked us many times to make jewelry out of our dice. We thought the only way we could attach the die to the jewelry would ruin the die. Also, due to our wide spectrum of shapes and colors, we could not fi gure out a way to narrow the range to make the product viable in the marketplace. Lo and behold, Siltoys, a company in Italy, came up with a unique design concept that solves both of these problems. It's called Dice Holder jewelry. The basic concept is that the jewelry piece which holds the die is itself held together by small fl exible O-rings. These O-rings are strong enough to hold the die fi rmly in place while also allowing the die to be swapped out. Not only does this save the die from ruin, it also allows the owner to signifi cantly change the appearance of the jewelry whenever the mood suits them. Each jewelry piece is usually specifi c to one shape and the angle tolerences are so narrow that only our dice work for this jewelry. However, some pieces can be used for more than one shape and these are noted by their picture. Dice Holder Jewelry comes in the same 4-1/8 x 2 clamshell packaging as our Ten d10 sets, but is twice as thick (1-3/8"). We have included a die of special color style with each Dice Holder . This exclusive special color die is not available separately. The Dice Holder jewelry is available with a pendnat chain or key chain attached.

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