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Destinations: Repair Station 7-Osiris PDF

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Repair Station 7-Osiris is a medium-capacity repair facility for spaceships, capable of handling anything from personal shuttles on up to midrange cargo vessels. This system-neutral setting can be used in almost any space game.

The Destinations Series by Tabletop Adventures is your gateway to the universe, bringing you flexible, creative, stat-free settings that you can use to bring life and adventure to virtually any futuristic game system.

Although 7-Osiris is not a particularly large station, what it lacks in size it makes up for in adaptability. It is the perfect place for space travelers to get their ship repaired or re-supplied before, during, or after an adventure. In addition, if your crew is looking for someplace to let off steam, there is the “The Vicar’s,” an entertainment establishment that can be a popular destination in its own right.

7-Osiris is presented in two different conditions: Active (inhabited, running normally) and Derelict (ruined and devoid of life). This gives you two dramatically different ways to incorporate 7-Osiris into your campaign—as well as the option of using it in both conditions in the same campaign, if the PCs become familiar with the station before disaster strikes. The Derelict version, with its cold, its dark, and its frozen corpses, comes with hints on playing up the horror the characters will experience as they explore the desolation. Each section includes descriptions of the station’s interior and exterior, written as text that the GM can paraphrase or read aloud directly to players.

To make this product even more useful, author Martin Ralya has included Adventures Seeds (which you can use to introduce the station into your game) and, for the Active station, a Cast of Characters which briefly describes the NPCs who run, use and visit 7-Osiris.

Let Tabletop Adventures supply you with Destinations for all your Future travel needs!

The download file includes the fully bookmarked color PDF and a text version of the file for easy printing or use by people who prefer to adjust the text size.

Written by Martin Ralya; illustrated by Gillian Pearce. 20 pages

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