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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

No Quarter Magazine #19

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  • New Updated Western Immoren Poster Map!
    The release of WARMACHINE: Legends changes everything. This gorgeous, four-panel poster map brings everything up to speed, showing the new borders, important battlegrounds, and the contested lands of western Immoren. Hang it in your gaming space with pride and use it to plot your battles!
  • Epic Proportions
    The first previews of HORDES: Metamorphosis, starting out with the Epic versions of classic warlocks, including Madrak, Lylyth, Morghul, and Kaya. Read the Battle Report: Blood Harvest to see Epic Madrak and Epic Kaya go toe-to-toe (or claw-to-fist) in a knock-down, drag out fight!
  • Summer Rampage 2008
    It's time to get angry! Summer Rampage is back and bigger and badder than ever. Check out the new Finishing Moves and Rampages unique to the 2008 campaign event. This time around, the war has spread throughout all of western Immoren. Use the territory map to plan your attack and muster your forces!
  • Sign & Sigil: The Greylord Covenant
    Learn the secrets of the mighty Greylord Covenant—stalwart defenders of the Motherland—including their structure, goals, and methods. Plus, several new Paths of Power are included to give Greylord characters the unique icy flavor you want for your Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign.
  • And a lot more...
    The Studio guys show some of their painting techniques in the Gamers' Journal along with their 750-point armies. Learn about the beautiful and deadly Ashlynn d'Elyse in the Gavyn Kyle Files. Learn how to keep your Trolls in line with the next installment of Secrets of the Wild. Get previews of upcoming models and products, and a whole lot more!

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