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Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles (True20) PDF

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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We are pleased to release Heroic Toolkits: Vehicles, a 61-page sourcebook written by Stefan Happ!

Vehicles make exciting props for a True20 story. They create instant images in the minds of players and represent mobility, travel, passion, conflict, intrigue and virtually any other emotion or concept that the Narrator wishes. When the Narrator describes the villain arriving in a pearl white Aston Martin or escaping in a sputtering Sopwith Camel World War I biplane, a scene is set in the minds of the players! Vehicles help set the scene and help create an image.

The True20 rules provide basic statistics for a few common types of vehicles. This supplement provides the Narrator with more. More vehicles, more options, more feats and more suggestions on gameplay. Spice up your True20 story with True20 vehicles—up in space, below the waves, on the freeways or the muddy dirt track roads of some medieval kingdom. More action and excitement awaits!

The statistics in this book are based on the latest available True20 errata, which greatly modified the statistics of vehicles originally printed in True20.

This Product provides Players and narrators with an abundance of vehicles and vehicle weapons from a number of popular roleplaying game genres including Fantasy, modern, near future and far-flung sci-fi and space settings.

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Amethal reviews Heroic Toolkits: vehicles on enworld!

****( )

It should be noted I am not the reviewer, I am re-posting this review which was originally posted on enworld.

You can read the full review here:

"Vehicles is a True20 supplement in PDF format from Reality Deviant Press.

Green Ronin’s True20 tries for a “toolkit” approach. The core rulebook is intended to be useful for games of all genres, and has to cover a lot of ground. As a result it can’t cover all areas in detail. One area in which it is particularly lacking, in my opinion, is in vehicles rules – especially in my favourite genre, space opera.

I was pleased to see that Reality Deviant Press were bring out a licensed True20 product covering vehicles. I have some of their other PDFs, which I liked a lot, and the previews for the product looked very interesting. I received a review copy after responding to the request for reviewers in the Open Call section of the ENWorld message boards.

Vehicles is a 61 page PDF, including the front cover, credits page, two page table of contents (linked to the main document for easy navigation) and two page OGL.

I like the full colour front cover, which features a modern tank and a rhinoceros drawn cart crewed by orcs. There might be a UFO trailing on behind; its hard to tell as the title gets in the way. There is a fair amount of art inside. Its in black and white, which is a shame as most of the pieces are very evocative and I imagine they’d look great in colour.

One of the things that appeals to me about True20 artwork is the juxtaposition of different genres, and Vehicles is no exception. My favourites were the duelling biplanes on page 5 and the Napoleonic warship that takes up the whole of page 14.

It is divided into six chapters. Two chapters of rules, three chapters of vehicles split by era – low tech / fantasy, modern and future, and one chapter for the Narrator on using vehicles in True20 games." Gift Certificates
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