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Pathfinder #9—Curse of the Crimson Throne Chapter 3: "Escape from Old Korvosa" (OGL)

***½( ) (based on 9 ratings)
Pathfinder #9—Curse of the Crimson Throne Chapter 3:
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Chapter 9: "Escape from Old Korvosa"
by Richard Pett

Old Korvosa is under quarantine, a sprawling slum contained by roadblocks and guardposts manned by remorseless Hellknights and sinister plague doctors. While the rest of Korvosa stifles under an increasingly brutal martial law, the quarantined streets of Old Korvosa descend into true bedlam. Yet the one man who may hold the truth behind the perils that have brought Korvosa to its knees is lost inside the quarantine zone. Can he be rescued from the clutches of a new menace rising in the festering pits of Old Korvosa, and what secrets does he know that could justify the bounties for his death?

This volume of Pathfinder presents an in-depth exploration of the rakshasas of the world of Golarion and reveals details on one of the world’s most sinister networks of assassins, the Red Mantis.

For characters of 7th to 10th level.

Pathfinder is Paizo Publishing's 96-page, perfect-bound, full-color softcover Adventure Path book printed on high-quality paper that releases in a monthly volume. Each volume is brought to you by the same staff which brought you Dragon and Dungeon magazines for over five years. It contains an in-depth Adventure Path scenario, stats for about a half-dozen new monsters, and several support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. Because Pathfinder uses the Open Game License, it is 100% compatible with the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscription.

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Product Reviews (9)
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Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 9 ratings)

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Glorio Arkona is stupid !

***( )( )

I am on the fence with this volume.

On one side, I like the pig game, Laori Vaus character and the use of a galtan final blade.
The article on rakshasas give depth on creatures I had no interest before.

On the other side, the whole Arkona thing (and how Golio acts during this part of the story) is poorly handled for me.

Glorio's cover is totally exposed when he sends the PCs in the labyrinth. It seems not enough subtle from a rakshasa leader, politically too risky. And honestly if he really wants to kill his sister, he can do it himself without involving anyone, especially not the PCs.
Futhermore, the idea of a "rotating dungeon" might seem nice on paper, but in practice I don't see how I can handle that in a game session.

Portuguese - Br

****( )

Como um todo Escape from Old Korvosa funciona apenas inserida no contexto de Curse of the Crimson Throne, mas ela possui elementos muito interessantes que podem ser explorados em outras campanhas (principalmente para quem gosta de mitologia hindu). Seu foco no enredo pode gerar problemas, mas eu recomendo que os mestres leiam a aventura e tirem suas próprias conclusões. De qualquer forma, tanto o artigo sobre os Rakshasas e sobre a Red Mantis valem a compra da edição e os monstros novos são bem diferentes e exóticos do que estamos acostumados como monstros de D&D. Recomendo bastante.


****( )

It had an enjoyable start and overall my players and I did have fun. The arkona palace was our least favorite part out of the entire AP for Curse of the Crimson Throne.

Another grand tome

****( )

It had its frustrating moments, such as the PCs getting chased out of town without even a hint as to what to do until the next book shows up... but that's minor at best. This book has some amazing characters in it, especially the vile Arkonas.

And there are the usual magnificent backup articles, with my favorite being the one covering rakshasas. And the Red Mantis? Naaasty.

And now ...the MAZE OF DEATH!

***( )( )

Escape starts with a bang and ends in a series of frustrations. The Quarantine, Pilts Swastel, Red Mantis all provide a great beginning and a promising lead up to the Arkonas. The Arkonas I thought were one of the more promising elements of the AP but I found them to be terribly squandered in this adventure.
The setup for the latter dungeon crawls rankles mightily and I couldn't help but be reminded of the Thieves Guild from the D&D movie. "Yes I will help you but first you must traverse the MAZE OF DEATH!" Then the Arkonas are unceremoniously dumped from the campaign. Like I said strong first half but pitters off quickly. The Vudran background and Rakshasa article are quite good though.

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