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Indulgence: Art of the Duel (OGL) PDF

***** (based on 13 ratings)

Our Price: $1.50

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by Craig Shackleton

When rapiers flash and steel crosses steel, the finest duelists require more than Combat Expertise and Dodge to show their mettle. Six pages of new weapons, attacks, feats and options for the gentleman swordsmaster are at your disposal maestros, along with a historical expose of the dueling arts and some ideas on how to make the steel ring and the pulse pound in your swashbuckling adventures.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 13 ratings)

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This is the best Pdf when it comes to the topic of duels.
Easy to implement, evocative and plain incredible at the price of $1.50.
Buy this.
The rules for binds alone are worth ten times the price.

Can I give this 6 stars out of 5?


Sinister consistently brings the goods.

This piece is simply a *must have* for anyone that wants to expand the cinematic quality of hand-to-hand fighting in their game. Shackleton obviously knows the material intimately, and coupled with his innate brilliance in game design, this is one of the best support pieces that I've ever seen put together.

The new feats are invaluable, and at only $1.50, it's almost criminal not to own this.

Can't really say much that has already been said...


in previous reviews.

It's too bad Mr. Shackleton couldn't make PaizoCon in 2009. :(

An awesome resource for some truly unique, refreshing swordplay for 3.5 rules. Wonderful stuff!



I have not had a chance to test these rules but I have been waiting for something like this for years. A must have for all the rogues and swashbucklers out there when played with light weapons and a little flair.

Crunchy Fencing Goodness

****( )

The Scribe obviously knows his fencing! This little goodie contains a short intro piece -- extremely evocative and well-written -- and then offers a slew of light-weapon feats (11 in all) that offer excellent options for swashbuckling characters. The feats seemed workable and well-balanced mechanically; some are similar to previously-published material, but apply slightly less onerous prerequisites. My only concern is the lack of congruity with earlier stuff and verging into the "too good" territory: there's one feat, for example, that relicates "Robilar's Gambit" almost exactly, except with easier prereqs and no penalty to attack -- out of everything presented, that one could see some serious abuse. Luckily, it applies to only one target/round, but you'd still be crazy NOT to take it, if it's offered.

Overall, a lot of very good stuff, with only one or two feats bent a bit (but not broken, and very easily straightened out by adding a limitation or two). This is worth WAY more than the asking price!

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