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Indulgence: Dajobas, Devourer of Worlds (OGL) PDF

***** (based on 10 ratings)

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by Nicolas Logue

The Tulita tribes of the Razor Coast once bowed before his insatiate hunger and offered sacrifices of slaughter to his wanton maw. Forsaken for an age, Dajobas, the mighty shark god was cast into the deepest reaches of the Razor Sea. His hunger for carnage has festered in the lightless depths for hundreds of years, but his hour of apocalypse is finally at hand. Drawn to the world of men once more by the scent of bloody seas, Dajobas rises anew. Learn everything you need to know about this horrific deity including new domains, feats, spells, weapons, and a prestige class in this eight page obeisance to He Who Eats the World.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 10 ratings)

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Everything a God of Hunger and Carnage should be


Logue has done it again.

This is absolutely everything you want a vile cannibal god to be. Whether you are running a campaign that takes place along the coast or actually on the sea, sends the PCs to dark jungles, or if you just want your players to match wits and swords with a truly heathen cult - Dajobas is what you're looking for.

The backstory, new feats, and magic items are awesome. The quality to price ratio of this product is insane. Dajobas does not disappoint.

He Who Eats the World will consume your imagination, and I can practically guarantee that you'll want to add Dajobas to the darker side of your world's pantheon.

A great, dark god!


This is what Sekolah should have been.
'Nuff said.

****( )

Very good work. Dajoba though not dead is stirring in his eternal sleep and this is going to send waves of terror in the razor sea as well as around my table. I really like the mood that is set in this Indulgence. Now I'm yearning for the dark waters of the Razor Coast book!

Excellent Insprirational Material

****( )

Not only was this PDF a great source of inspiration for my campaigns, but its a great advertisement for Nick's upcoming Razor Coast products. Lot's of great ideas in this one, and very intuitively developed.



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