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Warhammer Fantasy: Karak Azgal—Dragon Crag

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Fame and Fortune await below!

Deep beneath the World Spine mountains lie the shattered remains of Karak Izril—once-proud city of Jewels. In the fallen halls the there lies death, riches and much in between. Tales claim the abandoned Dragon horde of Graug the Terrible lies somewhere in the twisting tunnels—all glinting gold and broken bones—there for the taking, should you have the stomach for it. Few survive on such a quest for long, as the dark depths of the Dragon crag hides horrors uncountable...

Above the caves and catacombs the new founded Dwarf Hold of Karak Azgal is hardly any safer. Though the Dwarfs have reclaimed the surface of their land, the tunnels remain firmly in the hands of their ancient enemies. Too few to bring the battle to the Skaven, Undead and Orcs prowling the depths they permit outsiders and longshanks to plumb the depths in search of gold, hoping their blades will aid their quest to regain the mines and tombs of their ancestors. Should these treasure seekers survive near certain death—and crippling Dwarf taxes—they must pick their way between the crime lords and chaos cults of the glittering city if they are to keep their hard earned gold. More than one faction waits, ready to part the foolish and unwary from their loot. Adventurers will need more than a strong sword arm to profit from Karak Azgal—the Hold of Horde's peak.

Karak Azgal is an adventure sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Within these pages, Games Masters have everything they need to launch a new campaign or adapt and existing one to explore this dangerous city and the ruins beneath. Karak Azgal is the premier place for exciting adventure—whatever your style. Whether you want a seedy city, where betrayal waits behind every corner, or an epic adventure where heroes navigate endless corridors and battle the denizens of the deep for the dim promise of gold, gems and magic—this book has it all.

A complete setting sourcebook, Karak Azgal contains:
• Insidious plots, treacherous priests, and a den of iniquity huddled against the hold's walls
• Maps that describe the city and its mines and ruined caverns in detail
• Extensive tools for creating your own adventures in Karak Azgal
• Detailed lairs for a variety of Old World monsters including Skaven, Greenskins, Undead and more
• Compelling Characters and interesting locations
• New terrors like the Chameleon Snake and the Monsterous Squig!

Have your sword handy, ready your climbing gear and keep that lantern lit, for peril is just around the corner in Karak Azgal: Adventures of the Dragon's Crag.

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