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Kobold Quarterly 4

***** (based on 3 ratings)

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The 4th issue of KQ rocks out from start to finish! This issue features the Ecology of the Cloaker, an ass-kicking Angel who has literally been through Hell, the deadly Gangs of Zobeck, and the new Mithral Dragon by Paizo's own Mike McArtor!

There's more, of course, including drunken fey, a new type of monster generation, powerful fighter feats, lessons from Arabia, and the popular rules column Ask the Kobold, written by one of the sage designers of 3rd Edition, Skip Williams!

Features a cover by and an interview with 4th Edition artist William O'Connor, plus just a little bit of April foolishness.

72 pages

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 3 ratings)

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The Tops


Another superb installment of the best magazine in print. Buy it.

It has grown into a real replacement for Dragon


This is the fourth issue of Kobold Quarterly, and it has really grown, both in size (up to 72 pages now), and in quality, since its inception.

I subscribe to the PDF copy and have done so since the first issue. This one, however, is far and away the best one yet.

The article on Adriel, Angel of Hope, is one of the best articles I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I don't generally include demons and angels in my games, simply because I tend to keep things below epic levels, but this article has really got me thinking of doing something to incorporate Adriel, and perhaps the Dreads, in my next game. The quality of the research, inventiveness, and writing in this article took me back to the very best days of Dragon.

The ecology of the Cloaker has turned what I always felt was an akward creature into one that I feel now has a lot more depth (and otherwordly horror) to it.

The Gangs of Zobeck is another great article. I love urban campaigns, and may introduce some of these conflict threads into the second Rise of the Runelords adventure that takes place in Magnimar (as a couple of side tracks). If not, I will try and add them to a future Freeport game. I particularly liked the mouse king (except that reading this article coincided with me finding a mouse in my house ... they are LISTENING!!!)

I heartily recommend this issue (and previous ones, if truth be told) to anyone who is pining for the golden days of Dragon Magazine. It is cheap, well written, and so far I have found it to be a fantastically useful resource.

Kobolds Grow Mighty With Age


Best issue yet. The content is amazing, the art is gorgeous, and the "little magazine that could" has officially come into its own.

KQ #4 brings you the seedier side of Zobeck, detailing a rich criminal underground ripe with adventure potential. The issue also includes an awesome angel with a past (you will want to drop her in your game), a new type of dragon, and an excellent ecology article on a very underutilized creature - the Cloaker.

Simply put, if you aren't picking up KQ yet, I pity you. Gift Certificates
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