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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Dragon Roots Magazine Issue 0 PDF

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Dragon Roots Magazine is a magazine for gamers, written by gamers. Each issue is at least 64 pages of solid content, with a full-color cover.

Our premiere issue, issue Zero, has rules for creating, playing and DMing 0th-level characters and a complete 32-page adventure designed for 0th-level characters, but easily expandable for higher-level play, including epic levels. This is also the beginning of our Campaign Arc called Zero to Hero, a complete campaign laid out over many issues.

Other articles include Be Thee for Law or Chaos? which further defines alignment, describes alignment's role in society and deals with tough alignment-restricted classes like the beloved and ever-troublesome paladin.

In What's Your Story? you will find alternate rules for beginning with a social class. This easily adaptable mechanic is great for adding in rich backgrounds or a challenge for experienced PC and DMs alike.

Other features include a sit-down interview with Scout Rouse and Andy Collins as Dragon Roots founder Rocco asks some tough questions about 4e, and many other features.

Please join us as we delve into the realm of old school D&D.

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