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GameMastery Item Cards: Essentials Deck

****½ (based on 7 ratings)

Our Price: $19.99

Out of print

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GameMastery Item Cards: Essentials is a 110-card set formed from the out-of-print GameMastery Item Pack One and the follow-up Hero’s Hoard and Relics of War booster sets combined together for the first time ever. Essentials is the "starter deck" for the Item Cards line, and it contains everything you need to begin incorporating these easy-to-use cards into your fantasy roleplaying campaign. Inside each box, you’ll find treasure, armor, weapons, wands, and more!

Each card features a beautiful full-color illustration of an item on one side, with a text description and room for hand-written notes on the opposite side. Game Masters can hand these out when their PCs get treasure and watch as players learn to love managing their booty. Useable by experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master’s arsenal!

NOTE: GameMastery Item Cards: Essentials does not contain every card from Item Pack One, Hero’s Hoard, and Relics of War.

ISBN 13: 978-1-60125-121-3

Item Cards: Essentials card list (original release information is in parentheses)

01 Banded Mail (Hero's Hoard 01)
02 Breastplate (Item Pack One 01)
03 Chain Shirt (Relics of War 02)
04 Chainmail (Item Pack One 03)
05 Half-plate (Hero's Hoard 04)
06 Hide (Relics of War 05)
07 Leather Suit (Relics of War 06)
08 Platemail (Item Pack One 05)
09 Scale mail (Relics of War 09)
10 Splintmail (Hero's Hoard 09)
11 Studded Leather (Hero's Hoard 10)
12 Buckler (Relics of War 11)
13 Steel Shield (Relics of War 12)
14 Wooden Shield (Relics of War 14)
15 Arrow (Relics of War 15)
16 Battleaxe (Hero's Hoard 17)
17 Bunch of Bolts (Hero's Hoard 19)
18 Club (Relics of War 16)
19 Crossbow (Hero's Hoard 20)
20 Dagger (Hero's Hoard 21)
21 Flail (Hero's Hoard 23)
22 Greataxe (Relics of War 21)
23 Greatsword (Relics of War 22)
24 Halberd (Hero's Hoard 24)
25 Lance (Hero's Hoard 25)
26 Longbow (Hero's Hoard 26)
27 Longsword (Relics of War 24)
28 Longsword (Item Pack One 21)
29 Mace (Relics of War 27)
30 Quarterstaff (Relics of War 30)
31 Rapier (Relics of War 31)
32 Scimitar (Relics of War 32)
33 Scythe (Relics of War 33)
34 Shortbow (Hero's Hoard 32)
35 Shortsword (Relics of War 34)
36 Spiked Chain (Hero's Hoard 38)
37 Trident (Relics of War 37)
38 Warhammer (Hero's Hoard 39)
39 Whip (Relics of War 38)
40 Potion (Relics of War 41)
41 Potion (Relics of War 44)
42 Potion (Relics of War 45)
43 Potion (Relics of War 49)
44 Potion (Relics of War 54)
45 Potion (Hero's Hoard 46)
46 Potion (Hero's Hoard 49)
47 Potion (Hero's Hoard 51)
48 Potion (Hero's Hoard 57)
49 Ring (Relics of War 57)
50 Ring (Relics of War 61)
51 Ring (Hero's Hoard 62)
52 Ring (Item Pack One 32)
53 Scroll (Relics of War 63)
54 Scroll (Relics of War 64)
55 Scroll (Relics of War 65)
56 Scroll (Relics of War 68)
57 Scroll (Relics of War 70)
58 Scroll (Relics of War 71)
59 Scroll (Hero's Hoard 63)
60 Scroll (Hero's Hoard 70)
61 Scroll (Hero's Hoard 71)
62 Rod (Relics of War 72)
63 Rod (Relics of War 73)
64 Staff (Hero's Hoard 75)
65 Staff (Relics of War 74)
66 Staff (Relics of War 75)
67 Staff (Relics of War 76)
68 Staff (Hero's Hoard 78)
69 Wand (Relics of War 78)
70 Wand (Relics of War 80)
71 Wand (Relics of War 82)
72 Wand (Relics of War 85)
73 Wand (Relics of War 87)
74 Wand (Hero's Hoard 79)
75 Wand (Hero's Hoard 81)
76 Wand (Hero's Hoard 83)
77 Wand (Hero's Hoard 87)
78 Amulet (Hero's Hoard 89)
79 Amulet (Relics of War 88)
80 Bag (Relics of War 89)
81 Belt (Hero's Hoard 92)
82 Belt (Relics of War 90)
83 Book (Hero's Hoard 93)
84 Boots (Relics of War 93)
85 Boots (Hero's Hoard 95)
86 Bottle (Hero's Hoard 96)
87 Bracers (Relics of War 94)
88 Bracers (Hero's Hoard 98)
89 Circlet (Hero's Hoard 99)
90 Cloak (Hero's Hoard 100)
91 Cloak (Relics of War 96)
92 Crown (Hero's Hoard 102)
93 Crystal Ball (Hero's Hoard 103)
94 Cube (Relics of War 97)
95 Demon Fang (Relics of War 98)
96 Feather (Relics of War 99)
97 Gauntlets (Hero's Hoard 104)
98 Gemstone (Hero's Hoard 105)
99 Helm (Relics of War 100)
100 Mask (Relics of War 101)
101 Necklace (Hero's Hoard 108)
102 Pearl (Relics of War 102)
103 Pearl (Relics of War 103)
104 Periapt (Hero's Hoard 109)
105 Powder (Relics of War 104)
106 Prayer Beads (Relics of War 105)
107 Quiver (Relics of War 106)
108 Robe (Hero's Hoard 110)
109 Salve (Relics of War 107)
110 Withered Hand (Relics of War 110)

Sample cards. Click to enlarge.

Illustrations by Vincent Dutrait.

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Cards Subscription.

Product Availability

This product is out of print.

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Product Reviews (7)
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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 7 ratings)

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GameMastery Item Cards: Essentials Deck = Must Buy for GM's!


If you're a GM looking to expand your resources on a budget, then this is the starter deck of items for you! Just like it says on the box, this deck is filled with the "Essentials" that you need to fill out your adventure.

I just finished plotting out the item drops of the entire Godsmouth Heresy module - using only the cards from this deck (plus one charm for the rune).

Buy the GameMastery Item Cards: Essentials Deck to get started and pick up the other sets as you need them.

One of the best


I now have all the card decks from the Game Mastery series aside from the booster pack deck. This one is a collection from three different decks. The best cards from each set is the pitch and they are very good ones. Most are very useful and the art is an 8/10. I think now that I have all the sets that the art work needs to be improved over all for all the sets but they are a good addition to the game in general.

Cool set of basics


Exactly what it says on the box: most of the essential stuff you need to get started. Not exotic or fancy, but others sets can complement this one nicely. Besides, I put a small white label on the back, so the players CAN write on that and if they give it back (use or sell) then I put another label over the old one and we start fresh :-)

Neat... but not essential

**( )( )( )

I have recently received this item and had an opportunity to try it out in game. The players thought it was nice to have a physical representation of their items, and I tried handing them out in envelopes after a significant encounter which they also seemed to like... But all of us failed to see the utility of these cards beyond that initial "oooh cool!" reaction.

Players still need to keep track of item stats on separate paper (because there is zero chance of them scribbling all over my new cards :P) and I still have to write numbers on them and make an item index to keep track of things. It doesn't sound like a lot of work, but it really is if you just don't have a lot of time to prep every week.

These cards are beautifully drawn and it certainly doesn't hurt my game to have them included, but I would be more willing to spend money on a deck of cards that had cards associated with actual equipment in the core rulebooks with base stats on the back or even just a unique numerical identifier printed on there.

(As a side note: if you are looking for cards that really make your life as a GM easier pick up the status deck or the critical hit deck. Those two are solid gold!)

****( )

From a DM standpoint I could wish for more Backpacks.
Other then that small quibble, this is a great idea and all my players love it.

...Now I just need to get more of the 'basics'


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