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Pro Paint: Deadrose Red


Our Price: $2.99


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New Pro Paints are formulated with an emphasis on coverage and surface adhesion. A stronger bonding base material, solid coverage, and durability means faster painting and less worry when your army hits the table!

New Pro Paints are highly pigmented for maximum, non-fade color opacity. New Pro Paints are formulated with custom, high quality bases and pigments manufactured exclusively for Reaper. Our superior combination of experience and materials has created a rich opaque colorfast paint that will cover well on white or black primer.

New Pro Paints are water-based, nontoxic, and ASTM D4236-94 (2005) safe. New Pro Paints are formulated using only high quality, non-toxic pigments, bases and additives. All New Pro Paints are water-soluble and clean up quickly with water.

New Pro Paints are smooth with excellent brush flow qualities. Special additives developed at Reaper are included in New Pro Paints to create the smoothest paint application possible. New Pro Paints' high pigment ratio allows the painter to seriously thin down the paint. New Pro Paints' heavy pigmentation means you will be able to take your color to translucence and not experience the usual base-color shift you have seen in the past.

New Pro Paints are easy to use, fast drying, matte reflective, and provide premium performance at any viscosity. New Pro Paints are also fully compatible with Master Series paints and, when thinned, will perform very well in an airbrush.

From your first base coat, to you last highlight, New Pro Paints will always perform well and exceed your expectations. Years of experience have gone into designing this paint line specifically for the demanding miniature painter of today.

New Pro Paints are packaged in ounce flexible, plastic jars that have already proven their ability to deliver Pro Paint fresh to you every time.

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