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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

No Quarter Magazine #18

Our Price: $5.99


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Legends on the Charge:
The previews of WARMACHINE: Legends continue with a spotlight on new mercenaries and cavalry—and mercenary cavalry! Get all the stats for the hotly anticipated mercenary cavalry unit and solo. Add in wicked new dragoons for each faction, and you get an issue you can't afford to miss!

Portents of the Divine
All new Iron Kingdoms fiction from Doug Seacat features the Primarch of Morrow, sheds new light on the Morrowan involvement in the war, and prepares you for the grand narrative of Legends. If you're not familiar with the concept of foreshadowing then you are about to be schooled with a literary shock hammer to your cortex.

Expanding on our coverage from issue #17, we give you details on two more factions found in Monsterpocalypse. Big, bad, and bent on destruction, the heroes and villains of Monsterpocalypse storm onto the scene in 2008.

Secrets of the Wild Returns!
Our popular HORDES strategy guide returns, this time with tips and tactical advice for getting the best out of your Skorne army. Get expert advice on how to run a force with every warlock, and find out why the Agonizer is more than just a pretty face.

And a lot more...
The good professor Pendrake returns to one of his favorite subjects. The Gamer's Journal ups the ante to 500-point battles. Learn the secrets of speed painting just in time for the convention season. Celebrate old-school destruction in Guts & Gears. Get previews of upcoming models and products and a whole lot more.

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