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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Nature of the Beast: Farm vs. Forest


Our Price: $9.95


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Prepare to UNLEASH THE BEAST! Take control of an animal army fighting for total domination! Recruit from dozens of animals to build your empire! Call leaders and legends to your side! Gather equipment and seize locations! Gain the favor of humanity and wield it to your advantage! Unleash awesome events to further your cause or devastate your enemies! But control your Fury, lest you fall prey to your own Dark Nature. Nature of the Beast is a witty, gritty expandable card game available in two exciting Battle Boxes.

Each Battle Box is a stand-alone, two-player experience. "Farm vs. Forest" pits the combative animals of the woods against the treacherous animals of rural America. "City vs. Suburb" sets the street-wise animals of the concrete jungle versus the tricky animals of suburbia. The Battle Boxes are fully compatible with each other, so buy both to add more players! Each Battle Box includes two 70-card decks and a 44-page handbook.

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