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Generic Maps #3: Furniture Pack III PDF

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Furniture Pack III contains 100 full-color 150 dpi .png furniture images for buildings and dungeons such as an acid basin, an altar, two caldron variants, two carpet variants, a coffin, a common chest, a common wardrobe, a dead dog, two good armchair variants, three good bookshelves variants, two good desk variants, a good dining table, a good footstool, a good settee, an iron maiden, a luxurious bed, a masterwork statue, a mug, a pedestal, two poor ladder variants, two poor dining table variants, a rug, two skeleton variants, and a summoning circle.

This product additionally feature ten full-color 150 dpi .png bonus images.

You may reduce, crop, rotate, or mirror these images. You may create a drop shadow under them. You may furnish any Quirin Map with these images or design a map using the Generic Maps product line. The artist's signature must be within the final, published map. You may not resell these images. If you use any Generic Map in your product, you must include the statement: "Some artwork copyright Christian Janke, used with permission." We retain the right to sell the use of these images.

All furniture images originally appeared as part of a map in various Quirin Maps products.

Created by Christian Janke

Time for Fun and More!

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GMC—It's Game Master's Choice!

Need generic products for your campaign world? Look out for the independent "Generic Maps" series. Every issue can be used by publishers and/or game masters alike.

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