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Kobold Quarterly 3 PDF

***** (based on 4 ratings)

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The Winter issue of Kobold Quarterly is bigger and better than last time, at 60 pages, and it features stunning cover art by Cris Griffin.

    With all that extra room, there are a lot more articles as well, including:
  • an interview with Ed Greenwood that covers novels, sex, and gaming
  • "The Ecology of the Lich" by Richard Pett
  • "Hardboiled Adventure" by Keith Baker
  • "Star & Shadow Magic" by Wolfgang Baur
  • "Arbeyach, the Prince of Swarms," by Ari Marmell

There are also articles on cinematic action, ancestral spirits for sorcerers, rules advice from Skip Williams, how to optimize your power attack, cartoons, a peek at the flying cities of the Arabian realms, and more.

Erik Mona calls KQ “the spiritual successor to Dragon Magazine” for good reason: we’re offering gamers the goods!

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 4 ratings)

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Third issue of an excellent magazine !


Wolfgang Baur is on it again. Excellent fantasy RPG content, not just for d20 players. Ecology of the Lich, however a paradox that title might be, is an excellent article. At the 6 USD price, KQs are a steal. Go Kobolds !

Fun Reading with Excellent Variety


This magazine has interesting and fun reading with a variety of types of articles.

The printed version is sturdy and holds up well.

You will not be disappointed.

My only request for improvement is to for it to be published every other month instead of quarterly -- it's a long wait between issues!


****( )

The mag's quality continues to evolve. Some solid treatments of the lich, a fascinating new school of magic and an unusual devil round out this issue. The remaining articles vary in quality but most will still provoke some thought and ideas for your game. Recommended.

Another outstanding issue!


Each issue has gotten better and better. In three short issues this e-mag is approaching the point of being a viable replacement for Dragon.

Kudos Wolfgang, kudos.

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