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0one's Colorprints #6: Undersea Caves PDF

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"…then we stumbled into a massive labyrinth of undersea caves. After a day or so of  wandering, we emerged in a large cavern with a yellow sand beach. To my wonder, a whole shipwreck rose from this yellow sand. How the hell did that thing come to be there? My crew started to explore the area and, man, you won’t believe what we found…"
    —From the journal of Grath the Buccaneer

Can be assembled into a 17x22-inch map, in different configurations!

Undersea Caves presents four color maps you can arrange as you wish to form a larger map. You can event print more than one copy of the same map in order to obtain a bigger map.

    This Colorprint contains the following maps:
  • Temple of the Frog God
    Hidden in the depth of the Undersea Caves, the forgotten Temple of the Frog God is an ancient mystery. It is believed the temple was built by a long disappeared race of frog-men...
  • Shipwreck
    Nobody knows how that ship came to be there. Maybe it was something related to the magic of the ancient temple hidden somewhere near the ship. Regardless, the ship itself hides many secrets, not to mention the treasure cave said to be near the shipwreck...
  • Maelstrom
    In the middle of a giant cave, the mighty maelstrom swirls at incredible speed eating anything that dares to cross the cave. It is said that the vortex leads to a giant cave below, where unimaginable treasures wait only to be discovered...
  • Labyrinth
    A labyrinth of  twisted corridors and passages extends undersea. The labyrinth lacks any kind of landmarks or features, making it a true nightmare for those wanting to cross it...
  • Rule the Dungeon
  • Enhanced customization (choose which features are visible)
  • Alternative hexagonal grid
  • "North" mark available and orientable
  • Master control panel allows you to control all the maps at once
  • Buttons for printing only color maps or grayscale maps
  • Add/remove fancy border

Note: You must use Adobe Acrobat 6+ in order to use all the features of this product

The Colorprints product line offers you full-color fantasy maps for use in your adventures and campaigns. You get a color version and a grayscale version of each map. The maps are of high resolution, allowing you to obtain great print quality. Each map offers you a degree of customization, using PDF technology at its best. A button (which will not be printed) on each map allows you to turn the grid on and off, eliminate room numbers, fill in the walls, hide doors and furniture, and many other options, depending on the map.

Each product features a classic fantasy adventure location: a dungeon, a keep, a temple complex, a thieves guild and so on. You can use these maps as reference to build your own adventures, or simply keep them handy in case your players go in an unexpected direction during the campaign.

While offering you the best quality, these products are really inexpensive.

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