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A Touch of Evil Volume 4: Dwarves (d20) PDF

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Looking for a few dwarven antagonists to spice up your game? Look no further!

Written by Ewan Conradie and David Jarvis, the fourth volume of Reality Deviant Publication's "A Touch of Evil" line of game accessories focuses on one of the most beloved races in all of fantasy: the dwarf.

Inside this PDF you will find seven dwarf antagonists including Durrigan Blackheart, a Dwarven half-fiend sorcerer who searches for a powerful artifact, the Amulet of Ghistarri, created by the dreaded sorcerer Ghistarri, Lord of Shapes.

Also included are two new magic items and a slew of stats for dwarven clan members, including warriors, craftsmen, priests and scouts.

This 49-page PDF comes in a fully bookmarked screen version and a print version.

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