GameMastery Module TC1: Into the Haunted Forest (OGL)

***½( ) (based on 14 ratings)
GameMastery Module D0: Hollow's Last Hope (OGL)

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A treasure chest wilderness adventure for 1st-level characters.

A barroom brawl at a country inn causes the destruction of a priceless relic and the heroes are responsible. Now they must chase down a host of ancient artifacts, lost in a haunted wood, to repay their debt. While the heroes search for the items to clear their name, another group of scoundrels plots their downfall from the depths of the mysterious forest. Only one group will emerge victorious.

Written by Greg A. Vaughan, author of Pathfinder #6: "Spires of Xin-Shalast," numerous Dungeon adventures, and co-author of Wizards of the Coast's Drow of the Underdark and Anauroch: The Empire of Shade.

GameMastery Module TC1: Into the Haunted Forest is also included in the GameMastery Treasure Chest.

This GameMastery Module is a 16-page, high-quality, full-color, OGL-compatible adventure for use with the world's most popular fantasy RPG. All GameMastery Modules include four pre-made characters so players can jump right into the action, and full-color maps to enhance play.

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Average product rating:

***½( ) (based on 14 ratings)

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Not Bad, Not Bad At All

****( )

This adventure isn't some huge expansion dungeon or wilderness adventure. It's more of a side-trek between adventures. I strung this along with D series and Dungeon articles, and this works well, so I have enough random encounters to tie-in to other adventures, allowing my players to pick and choose where they quest in a non-linear fashion. The thing about the evil adventuring party is that they can compete and spoil other adventures to come, unless they party stops them in this adventure IMC.

The thing I really love was the investigation about who stole the dagger. That was amazing and REALLY great ROLE PLAYING fun for this situation. Right now IMC, we are before this part; I have a gnome PC in party that is desperately trying to steal it from one of the other PCs, which if things work out later, that PC gnome might be one of the suspects...

Anyhow, as a side-trek type of adventure, this one is really nice. I took the NPCs and use them with other adventures, and use other NPCs in this adventure. It works out very well.

NOTE - The comment about see MM for stats is due to licensing of WotC/Hasbro content. With future Pathfinder Core Book and other books, they no longer have this restriction.

A very good small adventure

****( )

I would have rated this very good product a 4.5 stars as it is perfect for me to insert as a side trek adventure for my playgroup in RotRL. The adventure was modified for a 2nd level party as it was easy to expand the basic encounters. I ran this module in the north western section of the Whisperwood south of the Lost Coast Road.

The layout is excellent and it is really designed for beginner DMs to start off their first campaign. It can equally be used as side trek or by an experienced DM to begin a new campaign. This module is different to a most of the Pathfinder modules as it instructs the DM what maps and item cards from Paizo to use to enhance the adventure.

A major issue is the lack of encounter tables that could be used while travelling between sites. This is easily fixed by using encounter tables that can be found from a number of different publishers' books. A minor issue is the setting the adventure in Golarion's Arthfell forest. I would have kept it as a generic forest but it is easy to put it into any forest in any campaign a DM wishes. It can be linked to other modules as it is not far from Darkmoon Vale.

I highly recommend to get this product in Paizo's Treasure Chest product if you are a beginning DM.

Great for gaming families

****( )

This adventure is a great one for playing with younger gamers. My son enjoyed the riddles, the 'treasure hunt' mission, and the artifacts. I probably should have got the whole treasure chest not just the adventure but he loved it nonetheless.


**( )( )( )

(Ugh, first post was eaten...)
I liked the idea behind the adventure, recovering the lost artifacts of a druid guardian. But overall, I agree with the railroad comments and I didn't really care for most of the encounters and the items were weak. I did like the showdown at the inn as well as the Wooden Protector but that was about it.

Another 16 Page Gem from Paizo!

****( )

Don't make the mistake that I this in the Treasure Chest and don't just get it by itself. Now this is a very good module, but when paired up with all of the stuff in the Treasure Chest it just soars! All of the little bits come together to form a very evocative adventure! Thanks Paizo!

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